Official EJET (E175 and E190) Rework Tracking Thread

The only benefit of having androids is having the new update a little bit early. Other than that, I see no point in choosing Android

Very nice! Can’t wait for the new release!

Alright, thanks. All I wanted to know was if there was anything more to it w/ the holidays since if something gets stuck in the holidays, it doesn’t seem like it would get fixed until after the holidays (for obvious reasons). I don’t have any issues with how it’s being rolled out, I was just wondering if the holidays were a factor or not in this decision.

Hopefully we’ll get more liveries than the 9 listed. Were the flap handle indicators changed from degrees to Airbus like numbers?

Infinite Flight never showcases every livery. Otherwise there would be no surprises, and surprises are generally fun to have.

If they did that with the E175, they definitely did it with the E190 as well.


30 liveries more or less

Relax everyone, the only sure thing is that we will have the bug free update at the end of the year to enjoy, we will end the year and start the new year happy with IF. :)


can’t wait to butter this one as well

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So just like normal then or longer ish

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If you don’t want to be surprised you can check out this website and it will be a list of every E190 operator and you can easily predict which liveries we are getting.

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Yeah, good question… The post gave me the impression that it was more than just being “slightly later” as was done in the past. But Jason did say that “it depends on how the initial Android release by goes,” so I guess that it’s not known at the moment (don’t think there’s really any concrete answer)

I’ll just buy an android.



Imagine waking up and being like “today I’ll buy an android” could never be me


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“Me waiting for for who tf asked”


to be fair I just used what’s out there, sometimes you need to accept that some people can’t speak and just go with it for the greater good

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“Never forget Bucha If something should be remembered from my time here”

Yessir, that’s correct. I am giving my best to raise attention for Ukraine in the aviation-related context <3 For example, I would love to see

on the E190. Let’s hope it makes it.


We’re also shipping a lot of behind-the-scenes changes with 22.8 that include updates to our technology stack.

Did you mean, you also release new graphics engine in this update too? Because I heard about that during Laura interview (not remember which videos) at Oshkosh and she mention wants to release it later this year or next year. 🤔

The graphics engine rework isn’t coming in this release. This is mostly a focus on our internal tooling that the app itself runs on