Official EJET (E175 and E190) Rework Tracking Thread

Imagine waking up and being like “today I’ll buy an android” could never be me


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“Me waiting for for who tf asked”


to be fair I just used what’s out there, sometimes you need to accept that some people can’t speak and just go with it for the greater good

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“Never forget Bucha If something should be remembered from my time here”

Yessir, that’s correct. I am giving my best to raise attention for Ukraine in the aviation-related context <3 For example, I would love to see

on the E190. Let’s hope it makes it.


We’re also shipping a lot of behind-the-scenes changes with 22.8 that include updates to our technology stack.

Did you mean, you also release new graphics engine in this update too? Because I heard about that during Laura interview (not remember which videos) at Oshkosh and she mention wants to release it later this year or next year. 🤔

The graphics engine rework isn’t coming in this release. This is mostly a focus on our internal tooling that the app itself runs on


I hope JetBlue is a livery on the E190

There isn’t one, there are two new liveries coming

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Wdym There is a livery irl for JetBlue on the E190

Er yes, JetBlue is on the E190 IRL. Two JetBlue liveries are coming to the reworked E190 in Infinite Flight.

I hope one is that blueprint one!

Yes the Blueprint one is one of them. The standard JetBlue livery is the other.

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Yes I’m super happy now

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Look at this


Darn my prediction is it’s either Barcode skyscraper or Hops

Wait a second we get a special JetBlue liver and the original?! Awesome!


Hoping the BA Cityflyer livery is included, lovely network out of LCY and with it being 3D it would be an absolute shame not to have it

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Yes we do and as a JB lover becuz my dad works for them I’m beyond excited