Official Delta Virtual Topic.

After many months, and countless hours of work, after three awful websites, but finally a good one. After all the times I said DVA was ready, but was not. Through all the bad times, I would like to introduce the new, bigger, and better. Delta Virtual Airlines! Today I am releasing our new website and accepting pilot applications. After the mandatory pilot training, tomorrow at 7:30pm CST, at Chicago Midway, I will assign routes to our first pilots, and DVA will be on it’s way. Our first scheduled flight will be March 22, at 12:30am EST, From MIA to TPA. I would lastly welcome all the pilots wanting to join!

New Website, apply to be a pilot here!
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Bro… use the new IF logo ;)


I’ll fix it tomorrow, I’m tired of working. It’s midnight now :)

One small question, when you had to close your other website, did it have virtual airline on its url?

I just added a flight from Denver to Eagle County using the 717, we need pilots to operate it! Also, my COO position is open.

Apply for COO by sending an email to telling me why you’re be best choice for the job.

I am going to join soon but I have one question. If I need to quit for whatever reason (which I probably won’t) is there a way to leave delta virtual if needed

Basicly, just ask me andown I will take you off of my rosters.

Also one more question (its kind of dumb) do you have to have life to join?

I think I know what you mean. You are looking for something like the idea were you can earn money and buy, cars and houses? If so, I may develop that tomorrow.

No I don’t really want that I just wanted to know if it was a requirement to have live because I don’t have live

you misread that comment so bad, but that’s a really good idea and you should work on it

Do you know if you need live to join?

ColonelJeff: Got the idea from another VA.

Deltapilot: Well, it depends, you have one option. You cold apply for COO or another HR position, (I will open the applications soon.) The problem is, most VA’s conduct flights on live, and I told someone who applied, that they must do all their flights on live.

Ok. So can I still join?(Sorry if you are annoyed by my constant questions)

I’m very interested in joining your VA, but I won’t be able to make any of the flight times you stated in your opening topic. It’s because I’m currently in Germany so I would have to adjust and add 5 hrs.

Yes, just not as a pilot, and no, i’m not at all annoyed. I see your confusion. :)
So, apply to be a pilot and i’ll add you to the rosters.

Ok. Thanks:)

When I finally get live I’ll join

EK_Tam, apply to be a pilot first. After that, I’ll send you a conformation notice with your assigned route’s converted times. And if i’m correct Germany should be 7 hours ahead of New York Time?

Will do, but it’s 12:00am as I type this and my iPhone says 7pm in NY.