Official Aviation Languages?

I know that French pilots can speak French with Charles de Gaulle tower but are there other authorized languages?

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English also obviously!


The official language is English for aviation . But in certain countries can speak the language in the countries if both pilot and controller is native in the language. For example, if I am a Chinese pilot and i am landing in Beijing with a Chinese controller, I can speak in Chinese with that controller.


The universal language in English. Local languages may also be used.


English must be spoken everywhere, other languages can be used in addition (eg Chinese pilots in China will speak Chinese)



Sorry, I don’t like Wikipedia in English


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Brazilian ATC use portuguese, Russian ATC use Russian, chinese atc use chinese. Local languages like those stated can be used when a domestic pilot is communicating to ATC

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OK, that’s what said people over you :p

What about for non-domestic speakers? I speak French, yet am American. Am I allowed to speak in French at, say, CDG in those circumstances?

I have a video that might help you. You can hear the Chinese tower switching between Chinese and English.

*Might want to skip further in the video ;)


That’s a good question 🤔

If the controller hear your callsing : Delta 279

He will prepare himself to hear english

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You should be yes. As long as it’s good. 😂

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That’s not Wikipedia, read please.

Oh sorry, it’s an article, same

To answer your question (like no one here has) there are several official aviation languages. English, Russian, French, Spanish and (i think) Chinese are all official languages.

But Yes, there are also many local languages that can be spoken if the controller and pilot both speak it. That is usually stated in the AIP


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I think the controllers speaking Portuguese in Brazil was a factor in the crash of that GOL flight when it’s wing struck and embraer. (Don’t quote me though)

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Obviously Englisch

(But in Russia the controllers speaks on russian with Russian pilots sometimes)

Uh… i disagree but ok! Ive never seen a job in hong Kong or any of the other foreign countries say “ICAO Chinese level 4” however you will always see “ICAO English level 4”. English is the world wide Standard Aviation Language.

Countries may deviate from that due to local comfort but the only official ive ever seen in the Jepp text has been English.