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Alitalia Virtual - Vivi, Ama, Vola

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grafik We are IFVARB approved

Who we are

We are the Italian virtual airline, founded by Italian and Italiy loving IFC members.
We believe that our saying Vivi, Ama, Vola (stands for live, love, fly) truly represents us, as our main mission is to be a family-friendly VA helping IF pilots to grow in the Virtual Airline world.
We put quality over quantity, that is why we decided to join the SkyTeam alliance allowing our pilots to join other SkyTeam airlines and profit not only of codesharing, but also rank-sharing and professional events.

  • Our role in the SkyTeam alliance

Our Senior first officers (and upwards) can join the SkyTeam group and take full advantage of it.
This means they can join other SkyTeam airlines featuring a shared-ranking system.
Our pilots have the option to join SkyTeam events.

  • A few rules, easy to follow

We believe in a mature, kind and constructive behaviour and do not tolerate any form of racism, sexism or other forms of discrimination.Also remember that your Life is always First inline.
Our mininum age requirement is 13, though our staff is allowed to ban any persistent childish,racist,too political behaviour no matter your IFC, grade, rank standing or age.
We believe that by joining us you want to be active, though you won´t receive any penalties for missing an event (but at least 1 flight/ week, counted monthly)


CEO: @Johannes_koelsch

Honorary President: @Fall_Etto

COO/Racing Team Principal: @Jurassicpark_1993

Honorary COO: @Sobre_As_Nuvens

Route Manager: @Pluky

Flight Logger: @PIXEL

Chief Pilot: @Davidson2000

Event Manager: @JV_777

Our Ranks

We have built a rank system that allows you, as a pilot, to gradually discover new airports and the stunnning Italian scenery and discover the best approaches

Pilot trainee : 0-20H, E-190, Crj-900
First officer : 20-50H, A321
Senior first officer : 50-90H, Crj-1000, B777-200ER
Captain : 90-150H, Md-11
Senior Captain : 150+H, B747-200

Our Fleet

We offer one of the most efficient fleets in the virtual airline world.
Here we present our planes to you, in order of the rank availability.

Our E-190 suits its regional role at the best.
With its 4 hours of fuel our pilots can fly from north to south Italy and back without refueling.

The A321, is our most-used plane. Though it could even handle a trans-atlantic flight, it is used on medium-haul routes to Europe and the Middle-East.

The Crj is our newest addition to our fleet.
The Crj-900 is used, like the E-190, for short hops cross the mediterranean sea, while his bigger and stronger brother can also replace the A321 on International routes with a lower booking number.

Our Boeings are the best for Long-haul routes.
The 777-200ER connects Rome with all the other continents, like it´s older and less frequently used Md-11.
The Queen, painted in the original retro livery isn´t used commercially anymore and flown only for important events.

But our best plane is the TBM.
Used for training only, we ensure that our pilots get the best preparation possible.
Our main training airport is LIRF(Rome Fiumicino, building Charlie), though we use also LIPK(ForlĂ­) and some military airports.

  • E-190 (Generic)
  • Crj-900 (Air one)
  • Airbus 321 (Alitalia)
  • Crj-1000 (My Air)
  • Boeing 777-200ER (Alitalia)
  • Md-11 (Alitalia)
  • Boeing 747-200 (Alitalia)
  • TBM-930 (Training aircraft)
Our Hubs and Routes

Our main hubs are Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) and Milan Linate (LIML).
Rome is used beside for national flights connecting the capital to the remaining cities also for important international routes, connecting Italy to Asia, North and South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Milan is very important for European but mostly national routes, allowing commuters a safe and reliable service.

Alitalia Virtual Racing Team

As every Airline Sponsors kind of Team in every sport, so we decided to establish our Own racing team. Here at Alitalia Virtual we have a long tradition with Motorsport sponsoring (for example the Lancia Stratos in rally driving from 1974-1976). So we decided to establish our own Racing Team to carry on this Tradition. As we are Virtual so it is the Racing Team. The Team will be driving in Gran Turismo Sport in the GR.3 Category.

The Car

Our Racecar is a Alfa Romeo 4C which was modified for Racing, our 4C is based on the launch edition.
Technical Details:

Engine type: Maserati DOHC V6
Power: 529 BHP/ 388 Kw
Drivetrain: MR = Mid engined Rear-wheel Drive
Length: 4340 mm
Width: 1950 mm
Height: 1182 mm
Weight: 1,220 kilograms
Power/Weight Ratio: 2.46 kg per


How to join us?

It´s very easy! Just DM on of our Staff members and please give us this datas:

  • How Old are you?
  • IF Grade
  • IF Violations and cause
  • Flight Hours
  • XP
  • Reference
  • Reason why we should take you
  • Name in IF

Our social media

Our current feature list briefly for you:

  • 100+ destinations world-wide;
  • 8 planes, from the long-haul airliner to the regional one;
  • All SkyTeam features(Events, shared-rank, codeshare);
  • A professional flight-logging system (in Alpha yet);
  • Various communication platforms (Slack needed for SkyTeam);
  • Now new: The Alitalia Virtual Racing Team with our very own Racing Car

We would like to say a big thank you to the IFVARB and its staff,Chris Levet as a moderator and IFVARB supervisor and the SkyTeam staff for their hard and conscientious work!

Thank you for your attention!

We hope to see you flying over Italy with us soon!


I wish you guys the best of luck.

Aren’t they bankrupt in real life?

Thank you very much

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Nice to see a new thread of Alitalia!


so great to see a new thread for Alitalia! More skyteam partners getting active again.


Awesome thread! best of lucky to y’all!


Cool! The more the merrier! Hope Allitalia brings more people to Italy!



Thank you very much

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Ciao Alitalia! Ti voglio bene! I might join soon!


The Door is always open for new members ;)


Wow! I love Alitalia.

Wishing you guys luck! :)


A VA with a virtual racing team? That’s unheard of. But a genius idea nonetheless 👍🏻


Thanks,if you love it why not join it?


Quite… Unique having a racing team. Anyways, i applied. Can’t wait to see this VAs future.


Great to see this amazing Virtual Airline again!


No, but there are some financial issues.

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Grazie, speriamo ti averti come membro della nostra Virtual Airline, qualsiasi persone è benvenuta

sono estremamente felice di unirmi! Sono un po 'impegnato questa settimana, ma mi unirò presto!

My Italian is a bit rusty

As a real life Alitalia frequent flyer (Freccia Alana Plus) I only fly Alitalia planes on IF - and it’s great to see an Alitalia VA here!