Official Aircraft Certification

Hey Community,

Just out of interest having seen the latest release are the aircraft in IF officially approved by the airline or manufacturer?
So for example Airbus or British Airways checks the aircraft and the scales etc and approves it making it an official aircraft.

And if so does that mean they are all a certain scale? I am sure they don’t just make it up!

Thanks for the help,

Callum 5124

PS: Check out the new A320 liveries they look awesome!

Nope they aren’t approved by anyone other than FDS. It’s not related to them in anyway other than their liveries being replicated by the in house livery creators at FDS, it’s up to them that they look as good as the real thing. I know that the liveries are that good that one may think this but no it’s all FDS!!


Thanks for that and hats off to the devs and testers who make this one of the best Sims out there with its amazing attention to detail.


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