Official 22.1 Tracking Thread

I didnt know you were allowed to take pictures in the ATC tower.

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I’m only waiting for the jet bridge animations.
Nothing else


@Z-Tube Friends dad works there, I believe that’s the only way you can get in, and non backlit supremacy.

@StormyAviation Without flash, yes, you can take photos.


oh ok. Ill have to keep that in mind in case I ever tour an ATC tower

Well, also keep in mind that that’s just for LAS, I was able to tour the TRACON room but no photography was allowed, rules differ depending on the airport.

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interesting. Thanks for telling me.

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Oh is that with that giant building next to the control tower is


It looks amazing!

Those are needed for sure

KLAS tower is amazing! 😍

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Where was this picture from? It almost looks like it was taken from an angle that makes it look like they’re connected but they’re not.

This is from last Friday’s stream

Breathtakingly astonishing.

So exciting for this update :D It is like the quality of life update

Starts around 1:46:12


You and me man. I wonder if the animated jet bridges will apply to the 3d buildings we have now.

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Looks like @Kamryn is a developer now

Yes, jet bridges will work at most existing airports (some airports do not have jet bridges or might have glitches that will cause the feature to be added in a later update for that airport).

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Hoping Seattle gets animated jet bridges🤞

Uhhhh, you mean animated right? If not, Seattle got jet bridges in either 21.7 or 21.8 I cannot remember.

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