Official 21.8 & Airbus A220-300 Tracking Thread

One question ( I hope it wasn’t asked yet):

Is this the Air France winglet, and if yes, could you maybe add a white “horse” logo on them?

Here is what I mean:


And if the answer is no?

There are so many different liveries that it could be, sit tight and you’ll find out if the Air France livery comes with the white “horse” or not.


We all have a little tear in our eyes while we are watching Dan

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Hey, I didn’t want to criticize, I just wanted to ask/help since things like this had slipped through in the past and I think it’s better to mention them now rather than when it’s too late. I know that other liveries such as Breeze also have this winglet color, but I just wanted to help and if the answer was no, it wouldn’t have revealed much anyways


Palma de Mallorca in 3D confirmed (Cameron has mentioned it’s coming)


I think that, this photo was taken on Delta’s 220 because the footage before this, shows a Delta A220 and the winglet is actually of that color irl.



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And Cameron just confirmed LPMA in 3D on the stream :)

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*LEPA :)


Yess! They got added!

”Can I say an unreleased one that’s coming on Monday … ehh next week ;)”


Man I’m diggin the Cabin Lights. And the custom cabins with IFEs. One critique tho. Those flaps look awfully steep. When I flew on the A220 they never went out that far. Otherwise it’s lookin good. Can’t wait to fly this beauty when it come out on Monday errrr next week.

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Pfft, Cameron, blink three times if ENGM will get 3D airport in this update


I have another small cosmetic issue I believe:

The Registration of the house livery is in blue, but it seems like it should be in Black, but maybe you took an earlier version as a model (just putting it out there):

Real vs. IF



Look straight into the camera and blink three times, it’s difficult to see when you acutally do it

So I can’t blink the rest of the stream? This is going to hurt…


Forget the first bit. There’s no proof that was said :)


Look, the 21.8 update is going to be on App Store Next Week, Right? But I don’t want to criticize & Mock them, I just wanted to fly the airplane, because I really liked the Aircraft and liveries are awesome, I think Premier is good, The Bombardier CSeries 300 is a nice Plane to have on infinite flight. And I’ve never seen an incredible aircraft like this, thank you devs for doing this aircraft! I hope you understand this.

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The cabin looks amazing!

Pull up your hoodie if any airports in Norway will get 3D airport in this update then 👀👀

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