Official 21.8 & Airbus A220-300 Tracking Thread

Really hope that. It’s so ugly to look where there is a bug with the texture


Wow, @LeeAviationYT already released a vid ab the a220, that was fast

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I hope there is also A220-100

I’ll ask about this. Thanks!


I dont think there will be

It will not, you can read more about why here: 2021/22 Development Roadmap

From the post:


What Dev said how long they take to start making aircraft and release when they were working on A350, they said it’s about 9 to 12 month. So if it’s still same possibility they were already working on last April or May. But I might be wrong and who knows 😬


It looks incredible!

It looks fantastic! The amount of detail, the blood sweat and tears that go into these models is immense.

Great works 3D artists and devs!


Wonder if it has an auto pilot disconnect sound that is unique to the aircraft, hopefully not the Boeing one already in the sim and on the a330 family

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Will it have the sounds on the A320 of it won’t come with the custom sounds initially?

Also, we heard the A330 is coming with custom sounds at some point but hasn’t happened yet, so should we take it with a pinch of salt on the 220 as well?

No working APU inlet on this one.

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i dont think there was any blood involved… at least i hope not


Exactly, I don’t have the time to type BCS3 or whatever 😭

I want to hear her howl 😳😳😏😉😩

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what? Do you mean that it wont open when turning on APU?

That’s correct. It wasn’t built into the 3D model this time. Everything is give and take, and sometimes to add, we need to… not add.


Aah, I understand. That’s fine. Thanks for fast response :)

You got that from me😡😡

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Never! What are you waffling about?!