Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

It literally MAKES MY DAY!!!

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Another big question of mine:

Why did they decide to add the A330neo and not the A330-200?

For those arguing that the A330neo is an easy build on top of the already reworked A333, I would argue that the A332 is a much easier add on top of the A333 than is the A330neo.

And yet another question:

Are we being guaranteed that the full line-up of the A330neos will be added (both the -800 and -900), or is this just another A330-300 only situation?

Of course, no one has answers or is going to answer these, but just some things to consider as food for thought


Is Virgin Atlantic coming?

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This has been answered by devs quite recently in this thread.



This is my main critique. Look at the demand of the -200 compared to the NEO.

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I hope for it:)

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Honestly, Im really excited about this update. Those liveries are amazing, those new buildings are heartbreaking. Can’t wait to fly this big bird really soon.

Thank you staff and devs for all the hardwork you always put it there :)

Can’t wait to see what’s the future with the sim.

We all do.

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The answer for that is long and we won’t explain the exact development decisions for everything, however the A339 is significantly more easy for us to do, and we wanted to do something nice for our community 🙂


Hey your first opinion don’t work because it’s a matter of a frame size we’re talking here. The -200 needs more adjustments.

So I’m assuming only A330-900? Since A330-800 is similar to the -200 but not the -300


Hope this answer your question!

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Yep. A339, not the A338 (unpopular irl anyway)


Our team made the decision not to add every variant for each aircraft (ex CRJ) moving forward (ex 777). Development can’t move fast enough that way so compromises have to be made. We know we can’t make everyone happy in this case, but we’ll do our best.


Everyone seriously we weren’t even expecting the NEO so let’s just focus on 330s not other aircrafts we personally want.


Excited for the update. The neo definitely had me like
Flew on a Delta A339 a few weeks ago, so being able to recreate the route will be fun!


Glad you’re excited for it!


The neo made me think real hard, the. When I saw the wingtip, I’m like “No way.”

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Come on man, just think about all the people who voted for an A330 Rework and a very new aircraft coming to IF on top in the Future.

There will be many more opportunities for the community to vote.