Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread



I thought Singapore is already in the game

Some might think that way

Yes I totally agree with you! I’m super excited for the update, my point was I just hope that more of the under rated airlines get liveries added.


Finally! Africa is beautiful yet underrated. Hope this and the Rwandair A330 will attract more people and make them fly to Africa!

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The slats are still shiny, and in real life, slats of the A330 aren’t like that, will it be fixed?

Magnificent work though 🤩

Re: the NEO… it’s low-hanging fruit for us. Almost the identical airframe with a few small differences. This isn’t the case with the -200.


For me there were quite a lot of surprises regarding the liveries. I love some diversity, way better than adding 2/3 liveries from the same country.

I want to say Madrid but i could be wrong…

Hey chill out guys, it seems like we’re going a little off track over here.

Come on, the community voted for the A330 and the devs delivered (plus the NEO is coming soon). The liveries and new 3D airports look great so far as well. Let’s appreciate that we have devs who actually listen to the community


Compared, markings don’t match

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Not necessarily. HiFly and Eurowings Discover have those masks on regular A333s as well

What about engine Sounds?

I don’t think it’s Madrid because Madrid has more terrain and hills and in that scene. It was only one hill shown.

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It is! Happy to see they kept it!

We don‘t know mate. They will make a livestream in about 30 min. where we will geht more Info.

Are IF live on twitch? it said 1700GMT

Well yes, then will this mean a new engine varient? The Trent 7000.

As I mentioned my point is that more under rated airline liveries should be added at some point regardless if they are in the same country😊