Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

I don’t know

Only a fraction of the liveries was shown. Many more unknown to come


It’s still time and resources used.

How so? It would take the same amount of time regardless, assuming the A333 stays as-is.

Remember last year when the community vote was held? The A330-300 beat the A220 by 36 votes. Didn’t include the NEO, obviously showed how much we want an RJ update.

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That is not funny in anyway…this is causing mass panic at best


First of all the new update looks really good and well done to all the staff that have participated.

However, I noticed that Iberia got the A333 livery added and I think it’s great however I really hope that the Air Europa A333 livery gets added, simply because they are the only 2 Spanish airlines that have/had the A333. As they are the only 2 airlines that have/had the A333 I think it would be fair to add both of them.

I think many liveries on Infinite Flight are under rated and just because they didn’t get enough votes doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be added. Sometimes airlines that already have several liveries in game still get even more added and those with like 1 or 2 don’t get any. This isn’t always the case but I know it goes off votes sometimes and I just think more airlines that are under rated should get liveries added.

I don’t think all the liveries have been announced but I really hope that some under rated airlines get liveries added

The update looks great and the new liveries look really cool!

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I’m quite surprised that by that

i think it’s funny

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I want to fly 21.4 update in new A330

I thought it was quite funny :)


Now am I the only one who’ll get lack of sleep untill the update arrives :)

same i’m still pissed they didn’t add that, would’ve given so much more…


So Misha wasn’t being sarcastic about the Swiss livery after all🤣

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I think it makes a difference if they add it now. I am doing graphics projects in my free time and for me at least it’s way harder and thus time-expensive to return to a project after a long time rather than immediately after

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I’m sorry for those who did not understand my comment


I did make that clear. I can’t help always seeming sarcastic due to being British 😉


Don’t worry, even tho u made me refresh the app store 200 times, but don’t worry 🤝


Remember if you have voted for an A330-300 livery that just got confirmed, you can remove your vote and vote for other things in the #features topic.

I hope that maybe IF will surprise us with adding the -200 variant when the NEOs come out. I need to have the Hawaiian A330-200 in my life…


On the twitch, will we all be able to fly the a330 or just Dan

Nah man I thought it was actually funny

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