Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

Yes, I believe so

In the original feature request. Linked it for you :)

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But how did u knew ?

Oh that makes sense

Hoping that we see either American or US Airways A330!

I mean, I can’t complain at all with the -900 being added. Would rather the -200, but at least I know that whatever happens, the aircraft will be amazing 🤩


Not gonna lie, when the premiere started, I was expecting to hear “You cannot feel this energy” after watching the 21.1 premiere so many times.


South African is staying!


The egyptair A333 at an airport with similar scenery

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They equip PW engines, so it wouldn’t come

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Where did you see this? This is mentioned no where in the trailer. The only thing mentioned is the exclusive look on twitch

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It’s sarcasm…

Question will the new Air Canada A330 replace the old one?

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No it was EGLL (I’m
Not really sure)

They won‘t as both do not have the GE or RR ones.

It’s from the 20.1 trailer

Did Cathay Pacific and China Airlines’s liveries got removed? If it is that’s quite disappointing :(

Yes, It will

It says what we hoped for.

I had a mini heart attack when I saw that

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