Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

dude if EHAM is in the update…that would compensate the disappointing A330 sounds for sure. The airport I work at in this sim…i dont wanna get my hopes up too high hahaha


I would say there’s a 65/100 chance of EHAM and for SEA 50/100

EHAM is not the easiest airport to build, not only because of the amount of buildings but also because IRL its 1 big construction site, they are building a new terminal and a new concourse

Will we have any South American liveries?

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I am out of likes 😭

Mumbai( My Favourite),Zurich,Bangkok,Dublin and Kigali!

Changi too?

That’s not confirmed for 21.4!

Theres a topic for AZUL a330 that you cant vote for.

No I know that, but I was just guessing since it didn’t reach the update at 21.3.

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Does anyone know what routes jet airways flys out of here with the A330?:)

Here are some from the A330-300 Route database.


Thank you:)

Mumbai - Chennai
Mumbai - Bangalore
Mumbai - Kuwait City
These are some I think

Thank you!

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I hope the livery remaining is Brussels Airlines…

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Who knows. Just gotta wait and see

Yes they only have an A319 in game so I believe that would be a reasonable livery


I have the entire database,do you want see it?

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can you pls share it if you have it…huge fan if the JOY OF FLYING a.k.a JET AIRWAYS