Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

Largest A330 operator in the world has no livery in this update. I mean TURKISH AIRLINES.


Is 21.4 already out for some devices?

NO! Unless your in the group of people selected to have a private beta build. @Angus_flyer

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Then why is @Ehsan_Khodaei saying that the A330 is not getting the turkish airlines livery. It does have both the RR and GE engines

Buddy just because it wasn’t in the premier doesn’t mean it won’t be there.


They didnt show all of the liveries in the premier @Ehsan_Khodaei, there are 30 liveries! there is no way that they would have been able to show them all in a short video

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Infinite flight have said there will be 30 liveries (not including the generic livery).

No it’s a speculation. I recommend you not to take any words seriously if they haven’t been told by the staffs.

An iPhone and a pencil replaced the old Pepsi can.

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RIP Pepsi can


I love this update , I don’t mind what engine sounds there are , let’s just be grateful that we got this awesome rework , keep up the good work IF team !


Started to look forward to the Top 5 routes: it’s almost a tradition😂


anyone wanna guess what the other 3D airports are gonna be? we already know of Dublin, Zurich, Jeddah, Phoenix, Bangkok and Mumbai, they did also say 14 airports are getting the 3D treatment, so that means there are 8 others to guess about haha

I think an airport in china or hong kong, due to the fact that we have Hainan, China Southern and Cebu Pacfic

Amsterdam Schiphol hopefully

Fingers crossed for Melbourne, Australia especially with the new Qantas livery coming in 21.4.

Either way though, I’m sure whatever Infinite Flight add, it’s going to be fan-dab-a-tastic!


Hi everyone!
When will the update be released?

Boy I can’t wait for EHAM to be included. Hopefully they did it as it is an hub for KLM


When it is ready(aka very soon)
Patience is key at the moment :)

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Be patient like a jedi