Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

@Louis1 Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts

We are introducing 30+ liveries between the -300 and the -900, improved flight model, highly detailed internal and external 3D model, live instruments, and more in this update. This is the current standard of our new/reworked aircraft.

The one exception is there are no A330-specific sounds which we have explained the reasons why below. This doesn’t mean that sounds won’t come, we have just not been able to include them in this release.


This is a simulation constraint and not targeted towards a specific aircraft. We are aware of this and it is something we are working on iterating in our future updates (it requires changes to our animation and flight physics systems).

I would love to hear why you think this is the case. We treat all aircraft with the same level of importance, but keep in mind that other factors can sometimes affect the final outcome (such as available data, simulation constraints, etc). There is certainly no lack of attention given to different aircraft when we rework them. I’m sure you will notice this when you are able to experience the updated A330 for yourself!

We do appreciate your feedback, and I really recommend trying the aircraft when it’s released so you can get a feel for all the improvements. We’re really happy with how it has turned out, but we’re also aware of the shortcomings in our fleet and will continue to update them in future releases.


Even though I can only use one week of the sub due to holidays, I bought one today just for the update. I am so excited…


Guys, can we just stop the criticism. The Devs have put all their work into this over the last few months, the least we can do is be appreciative of it, although you may not want/think we need it, some people think otherwise.

From the Devs POV, it’s extremely hard to make one side of the community happy, without the other having problems. That’s why during each update they choose one from each and the most popular aircraft that hasn’t been reworked.

So in regard to it all, Can we show a bit of love to the Devs and Staff who made this happen?


These are my thoughts after reading almost 1000 replies:
I can understand why the NEO was chosen instead of the -200 version.
However, getting the NEO right now will be a problem if its development will take more than 2 months because other aircaft are in a DESPERATE need for a rework (C17, F18, E-jets) and adding new aircraft instead of fixing the ones we have just doesn’t make sense imho.
One more thing I don’t understand is how can the A330F be so ignored. This one is more similar to the A333 than the NEO is, at least from the “inside”. So a Live cockpit and a simple generic livery would be much easier to implement in game before another aircraft like the -900.


Thank you everyone, for your passionate and lively discussions as always. Do you know what’s worse than a lot of ultra passionate replies? A community with no replies.

We’re excited for this update, but also each one that’s coming after this where we can improve and iterate on things released now. The goalposts are always moving at Infinite Flight! It’s not a “set it and forget it” application.

I’m off to start some weekend fun. Hope you all enjoy! ☀️


Regarding the neo, it’s just a bonus, why would you not want the neo to be added when it is a relatively easy addition, would you all rather not have the neo and wait for the -200 anyway. Sorry @Alexian61 this isn’t targeted towards you, it’s just a general observation.


I mean, the A330F and largely Airbus are nearly nonexistent in the freighter market.


Including Singapore airlines sadly 😡😭😭😭😭

I feel very grateful that they did the A330-300 while also doing 3D buildings and then doing the A330-900 and the A330-300 is still a beta so many things might still change.

Even though you guys had some firm critique and disappointed community members today, I hope things work out for the update release. And I think that for the following the whole community must agree, that is that we are proud of your amazing dev team. To work hard to keep the customer happy and to improve the sim by every update. I’m playing IF for 4-5 years now and the improvement between day 1 and now is astonishing.

Thanks for the hard work and i’m looking forward to future updates such as the A330-900NEO.

kind regards from the Netherlands


True but as I already mentioned, the A330F is just as broken as the A330 was before this update and taking the live cockpit from the -300 to add it on the Freight version would make more sense as it would help fixing at least one of the aircraft in need of a rework.

I am just as excited as most of you here, especially for that Air Senegal livery but my idea was more towards the A330F than the -200. In my opinion, it should be the the F first (not a full rework but just live cockpit which is the same as on the -300 and a new livery) and THEN the -900.


do we have any idea when it’ll be released? sorry I just got home


I am excited for both CEO and NEO models I am very happy about them coming

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I have question. Won’t it be easier to finish 359 than 339? I’m very confused. I think the sound is no problem but the 330 looks nice. All the nice things on 330 that’s what I want on 359

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Thanks you devs & artist for the work putted on every aircraft, even tho I’m not very happy with some decisions, I’m really glad for finally having the Airbus aircraft being reworked. 👍🎉

A300F, A310F, Smartlynx A321P2F, A332F, A330P2F, NHS A346P2F and the Beluga aircrafts.

And there are talks about a freighter option for the A350. So I wouldn’t really call it “nearly nonexistent.”

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but not as many operate them as boeing freighters

This is looking so so pretty! Jet Airways A330 with its Mumbai Hub in 3D,just completely made my day! Thank You So So Much devs!😆😄


Playing the game for one aircraft. paying however much per month for one aircraft. Seems like you’ve wasted a heck of a lot of time already.