Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

Tomorrow’s a Sunday-

I am not sure yet, I am a more of a go where the wind goes type of guy.

So when’s 21.4 getting released

When it’s ready but very soon as stated before. There isn’t a specific date that’s been specified. Keep an eye out in the #announcements category

Soon. Be patient, and it will be here before you know it! 😉

We are all exited, but being patient will be the best thing we can for right now. It will come when it is ready. :)

Refer to #blog #announcements if you want to look out for the update.

G’day! (or morning for me since it is 2:17am)

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Hey Everyone, since there’s been quite a bit of discussion on here about the sounds, I just wanted to chime in from a dev/CEO/user perspective.

Not adding sounds was a decision that sparked a lot of debates internally, especially because of the perceived standard being set after adding two planes with custom sounds. If anything, maybe the 757 shouldn’t have had its own sounds so as to not set that “standard”. There was also a long discussion about this same topic during the 757 development and one of the issues raised was this implicit standard it would set, by releasing two planes in a row with custom sounds.

We’re always trying to find the delicate balance between performance, time to develop, current state of features, plans for next updates and their dependencies, etc…

Since the beginning of the app, we’ve worked in iterations, gradually adding new details, and for this time, the iteration was made on an airplane feature.

It’s not a matter of quantity over quality or even laziness as I’ve seen in the thread. It’s more about a calculated risk/benefit when working on a product with deeply passionate users in addition to what Cameron mentioned here for the sounds in particular.

I’ve seen some questioning the reasons Cam mentioned. The performance aspect makes perfect sense and is part of the risk aspect I mentioned above. If we add another sound set, we don’t know the risks in terms of memory. What if the app starts crashing because of memory usage? Especially in a part like the sound system that we don’t fully control (it’s a third party plugin). Do we remove the sounds? We would have to halt development of other items to investigate and find a solution. It’s not a place we want to be in.

Another aspect is big picture development timeline. I’m talking about features that are core to many others like a new importer for 3D Models we’ll need in a year, a new lighting system, redesigning a system that another developer needs in order to continue their work on another feature. That type of stuff.

At the moment, I’m working on a significant feature which requires quite a bit of my time and focus. I have allocated the same amount of time on the A330 that I typically spend for another airplane, with a couple of added benefits: I was able to get a head start because the flight model had already gone through a rework, and the glass cockpit was mostly reusable from the A320.
For the sounds (and all related bugs and issues that come with adding a feature), when doing the risk/benefit analysis, my vote was more for using one of the high quality sound sets we had for the time being, instead of delaying both the 330 and the other feature I was working on.
In this case, the risk was some disscontempt on the part of the community and the benefit was freeing time to work on that feature and the fact that the users who are less passionate about the sounds can enjoy the A330 now instead of having to wait.

I’ve also read about our communication process and how this could have been communicated earlier. I believe we had plans to to just that but some communication mixup made us miss that part. We’ll try to do better next time.

In general though, I believe we’ve been doing a better job for the past releases about communicating what’s in development but we will always stay behind a line set by our past experience with announcing features that were in development.

I hope this helps shed some light on our decision process.


Thank you for saying this Laura it might help some people understand this more. I’m fine with any engine sound but clearly some people aren’t


Well, different people have different opinions. There’s a reason why some people would find some food tasty and others not so.


Each airplane is tweaked for the performance numbers we have available. If there’s an FCOM, POH or Perf Chart you have access to and can be specific about what isn’t accurate in normal phases of flight, we’ll be more than happy to adapt the flight models :)


There seems to be a lot of impatience’s or disappointment. However this development is a great step in the right direction. It’s looks amazing and I’m sure many people have worked tirelessly for it. I’m just excited to see what it’s like.

Thanks infinite flight 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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It’s only been several hours since the premier and I already hecking love this update

Ngl I’m looking forward to the NEO more than the 300 😂


What a great update! Infinite flight always does a good job including diversity with different airlines and airports not just the basic (LHR) Hands down to all of the great developers and workers who work on the update behind the scenes! Keep up the immaculate work!

Largest A330 operator in the world has no livery in this update. I mean TURKISH AIRLINES.


Is 21.4 already out for some devices?

NO! Unless your in the group of people selected to have a private beta build. @Angus_flyer

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Then why is @Ehsan_Khodaei saying that the A330 is not getting the turkish airlines livery. It does have both the RR and GE engines

Buddy just because it wasn’t in the premier doesn’t mean it won’t be there.


They didnt show all of the liveries in the premier @Ehsan_Khodaei, there are 30 liveries! there is no way that they would have been able to show them all in a short video

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Infinite flight have said there will be 30 liveries (not including the generic livery).