Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

Yes they are

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This a330 is just beautiful! Thank you devs sooo much!

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Since the a330 is still not released i might just uninstall infinite flight and forget that this game exists for a good while

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It’s abit harsh


Is cairo airport coming in 3D ?

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Lufthansa A330!


Having waited this long, and I am not referring to the 7 month development wait, but the >3 years that the A330 has been the most voted for feature; lack of aileron movement during take off/landing, the fact that not all the engines for the aircraft will be introduced restricting the amount of possible liveries, coupled with the total lack of engine sounds is extremely disappointing.

We were told, repeatedly, the A330 was being overlooked for a rework so over features to be tested out. To hear therefore that the A330 will be receive a rework of a lower quality than previous aircraft just feels like this rework is incomplete.

This, coupled with staff members’ open disdain towards this aircraft just makes me feel like this is more due to lack of effort rather than capability restrictions. Considering that demand for the A330 just hasn’t gone anyway despite soft reworks in the past, surely it would make sense for IF to nip the A330 in the bud by doing it properly this time


I mean the devs worked on 3D airports for months, I’d prefer that over a singular aircraft rework…

Thats why I’m not complaining about the quality of the A330, it has everything I wanted. Doors, interiors gear tilt, liveries.


Very good job by the devs! Very excited to fly the aircraft for the first time. Thank you:)

I hope KSEA is added


I mean the devs have literally said the reason why multiple times throughout this post and throughout the livestream.

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They specified that it’s still on beta testing and that those previews are subject to change. Let’s wait until the final public release 🤝

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I agree with you, wait till the update is out for everyone and then we will see what they have done instead of complaining about a plane that is still in beta testing




My favorite movie of all time.

Anyways, this is definitely an exciting update coming to us soon. Opens up lots of diverse locations to fly to with the liveries previewed already. Thanks again devs for letting the community choose this one despite it not being my first choice

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The a330 seems like it’s really well developed and nicely polished in my opinion, can’t wait to fly it!! Only one problem which was engine sounds, tbh I think you could tell from a mile away based off their social media that engines sounds wouldn’t be coming, they teased engines sounds for 777 and 757. I also believe another small issue is the devs removing liveries due to engine types for example we won’t be getting Korean Airlines as It doesn’t contain the correct engine variant, which ensures “realism” I believe was the reason. Yet IF add incorrect engines sounds (yes ik it’s hard to achieve) which in itself isn’t realistic. I think they could have added Korean, American etc etc. IF ticked 99 boxes with the a333 and missed 1 box(engine noise). Last little realism ick when Dan disconnected autopilot the Boeing sound played :(((, thats fine not as big of a deal as engine sound. Community might be disappointed but once we get our hands on the product we won’t be. Just a little bit of constrictive criticism thats all :). So excited to fly 21.4.


So the new A330 Lufthansa livery has been confirmed?

Sad NEO noises 😔


Great job as usual, devs!!



Confirmed 100%

@Louis1 Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts

We are introducing 30+ liveries between the -300 and the -900, improved flight model, highly detailed internal and external 3D model, live instruments, and more in this update. This is the current standard of our new/reworked aircraft.

The one exception is there are no A330-specific sounds which we have explained the reasons why below. This doesn’t mean that sounds won’t come, we have just not been able to include them in this release.


This is a simulation constraint and not targeted towards a specific aircraft. We are aware of this and it is something we are working on iterating in our future updates (it requires changes to our animation and flight physics systems).

I would love to hear why you think this is the case. We treat all aircraft with the same level of importance, but keep in mind that other factors can sometimes affect the final outcome (such as available data, simulation constraints, etc). There is certainly no lack of attention given to different aircraft when we rework them. I’m sure you will notice this when you are able to experience the updated A330 for yourself!

We do appreciate your feedback, and I really recommend trying the aircraft when it’s released so you can get a feel for all the improvements. We’re really happy with how it has turned out, but we’re also aware of the shortcomings in our fleet and will continue to update them in future releases.