Official 21.4 (Airbus A330-300 Rework) Thread

Exactly! Let’s just appreciate the work that the team has done. Besides engine sounds doesn’t affect gameplay at all its just a sound


The A330 looks epic!
Thanks a lot Infinite flight!

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I have to agree with Max. I honestly don’t care that the sounds are different to the real life sound. This rework will still be amazing!


I’m actually so disappointed, like most probably the entire community. We’ve waited 8-9 months, for a non-all feature aircraft. No PW’s and now, no new engine sounds.


I was really excited to have the A330 spoil up sounds, i feel guilty and embarrassed to feel dissapointed with this update, as the sounds are one of the key elements of the a330 for me


We know there is demand for new sounds, but unfortunately, A330-specific sounds won’t be coming in this update. There are a few reasons for this.


Firstly, new sounds take a lot of time to prepare - we need sounds from all angles of the aircraft, inside and out, at different frequencies; these then need to be mixed, adjusted and tuned to fit inside Infinite Flight. It’s not as straightforward as it may seem and this takes resources away from other aspects of the aircraft development (modelling and flight dynamics).


Performance is a big consideration too: when flying online, you will have multiple aircraft each with different sounds, which we need to mix appropriately taking into account distance and direction. We need to load all these sounds and keep them loaded when at a busy airport (in addition to everything else we render).

We run on mobile devices with limited memory budgets and compute power, and we need to prioritise how we use this, especially considering the wide-range of devices we support. All this has an effect on lag, battery usage, etc.

This doesn’t rule out new sounds in the future though, we just need to spend developer time on improving our systems to allow for this.

So the short answer: no A330-specific sounds in this update due to resources and performance constraints. We’ve spent a lot of time on the model and flight dynamics and still think you will love this aircraft!


The reason for not adding new sounds had nothing to do with time.

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Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful for the work the IF development team has done, but I think it’s sorta dumb how they won’t add certain liveries to the A330 because of the ENGINE TYPE and then put the 777 sounds. Totally destroys the realism especially after a 7-month wait.


This is gonna turn into an a350 2.0

Everyone will fly it for a couple days, then no one will fly it.


Well I mean, we have been waiting for 9 months now, and even the 777 + 757 had real sounds. Don’t you think there is a standard?


The list of the most popular aircraft in IF says otherwise 😉


100% understand that. But these are just 3 airlines that I would love to see get added to the A333.

Air Europa - Has the B789 and E195 livery in game and they used to operate the long haul routes on the A333 now they use the B788 and B789.

Figi - Have no liveries in the game. They have the B738, A539 and A333 in generic livery.

These are definitely 2 under rated airline liveries in my opinion. I really hope these 2 liveries are added.

Anyways I’m excited to see the full list! Super excited.


Ok guys, The Devs are working many months for this to get this feedback? They want to give us an awesome update and we care about sounds? I think the Sounds are not really important. I have a nice aircraft to fly with an Live Cockpit cool liveries etc but I think we should be satisfied that the devs give us this Aircraft and we should don’t care about the Sounds off the Plane.
Only my opinion.


Ok According to Dan there will be in total 30 liveries for the A333, 17 already exist + generic.

Therefore that leaves 13 additional ones.

How many additional liveries have been confirmed so far then?

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It’s literally the second most popular aircraft flying rn…


Totally agree on that. Especially with the precise explanation from Cameron.

That’s understandable. I just hope that most new aircraft get new engine sounds in future updates since the new sounds we do get are always really good. There is definitely a reason why so many people got upset when they found out no new engine sounds would be coming with the A330.


7 months isn’t very much time when you consider all that it involves: a high-fidelity 3D model with multiple engine types and an interior cabin, 30+ liveries, an accurate flight model (physics), instruments, all optimised to run at 30-60fps on a mobile device (which requires some techniques and adjustments to the original model to support this).

It’s worth taking into account that our models are a lot more complex than they used to be a few years ago. You will definitely feel the A330 is a whole new aircraft with this update compared to the old 3D model :)


Many months to have less details than the last uptades… For the B77W and B757 we had souds and now for this airbus we don’t have it…? What is a point… An uptade needs to be an upgrade not a downgrade