Official 21.1 Tracking Thread

Welcome to the 21.1 Development Thread!

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This thread is made for updates regarding the development of 3D Buildings, Clouds, and other features making their way into the 21.1 Update. Please enjoy this thread and avoid speculation and/or off-topic remarks! This thread is maintained and edited by our TL3 members and moderators.

3D Buildings and Clouds!

Confirmed Airport List

We can expect to see 21 airports with 3D buildings in 21.1! As confirmed by Staff

  • EDDM - Munich Airport
  • EGLL - London Heathrow International Airport
  • EGPH - Edinburgh Airport
  • FACT - Cape Town International Airport
  • FAOR - Johannesburg - O. R. Tambo International Airport
  • KDEN - Denver International Airport
  • KJFK - John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • KLAX - Los Angeles International Airport
  • KSFO - San Francisco International Airport
  • LFPG - Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • MMMX - Mexico City International Airport
  • OMDB - Dubai International Airport
  • PHNL - Honolulu Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
  • RJTT - Tokyo International Airport
  • SBGR - São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport
  • YSSY - Sydney Airport

Confirmed Liveries

Other Features and Changes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 21.1 Update include <insert random feature here>?

The only information that confirms whether something will or will not be added will be from Infinite Flight’s official social media. Until then, features in the 21.1 update are unknown.

If you would like a feature to be added in future Infinite Flight updates, search in the #features category to see if a feature request has been created. If someone else has already requested for this feature, give that topic a vote and show your support for that feature on that topic. If nobody else has requested that feature yet, you are welcome to create a well thought out and detailed #features request for it. While not the sole factor in decisions, our great staff team is always watching the #features category to see what the community wants. Please refrain from asking for a certain feature in this thread

Note: you must be TL2 to post a topic in the #features category

Can we see the new features in the simulator yet (including liveries, 3D airports, clouds, etc)?

No. You will not be able to access any of the features listed in the main post until the 21.1 update has been released to the public.

Will a building’s placement be auto-generated or placed manually? How many airports will have buildings and where will they be?

Airport buildings will be a mix of procedurally generated and handcrafted models. The Infinite Flight Developement Team has not specified the full list of airports which will be handcrafted but the first release will only have a handful of airports so the developers can ensure device/server performance for future updates

Will objects (jet bridges and vehicles) be animated?

Many objects shown in the 2020 recap video have animations but in the 21.1 release, jet bridges and vehicles will remain static objects. This is so the Infinite Flight Staff and Developement Team can ensure a high level of performance before adding more functionality. Objects like windsocks, radars and beacons will have full animation as the developers were able to add those items. However, this may or may not come in the first release.

Will non-Pro subscribers have buildings too? Will the subscription price increase with the 21.1 Update?

Yes, non-pro subscribers will have access to buildings that are available in the regions that come with the initial purchase of the app. The Infinite Flight Team also doesn’t intend on raising the price for a Pro Subscription - so now is the time to buy and explore the world!

How will my device handle the new features?

Infinite Flight is working hard to ensure everyone can enjoy this new content. Quality settings will allow users to reduce the numbers of airport objects visible to adapt to their device performance. Overall, it is believed that users won’t have a hard time running this update on their devices. More information will be made available as the update gets closer to release.

This model/feature doesn’t look right. Can you fix it?

While the 21.1 Features are in testing, the internal Infinite Flight Alpha/Beta testers will be searching for inconsistencies, errors, bugs and everything in between. While these features are in development, anything posted on Infinite Flights Social Media isn’t set in stone and it may get corrected before the public release. That being said, if you find any inconsistencies, feel free to comment on this thread or private message one of our staff members or moderators and they will happily address any issues that you may find.

Why haven’t we seen a teaser from Infinite Flight in a while regarding the 21.1 Update?

While Infinite Flight strives to provide us with sneak peaks on the upcoming 21.1 Update; they have lives too and while things are still in the development/testing stage, some things are not ready to be shown to the public yet. Also - what’s the fun in ruining all of the surprises!

Why is this topic closed?

If you happen to stumble upon this topic being closed, it is due to the fact that our community needed a cooldown due their sheer overexcitement for the upcoming 21.1 Update. This topic is opened when new information is available. It is then closed sometime after to ensure that the conversation is relevant and targeted. In this time, please refrain from posting another likewise topic about the 20.1 Update and it’s features.

Why did my reply get deleted?

While community engagement is always encouraged, your post may have been deleted because it was flagged or it was removed directly by our Moderation Team for being off-topic, misleading, silly, unnecessary, or just plain rude. Make sure to read our Community Guidelines before posting and always ensure that your post can contribute to the active on-topic discussion of the upcoming 21.1 Update!


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So excited for this update! Nearing the hype of global!

Will there be something like a IF Airport Building editing team?
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Im waiting for some great liveries


No. The Airport Editing Team will not be responsible of adding buildings, the IF developers will do that.


Well, this is the speculation center. You can speculate all things here

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