Official 21.1 Tracking Thread

I actually like the a340. It has range, and is very long. I found out today that KEWR-WSSS was operated on the a340-500 singapore airlines for a little bit before retirement.

And I will fly it much more now

Can’t wait for this update. The older aircraft will look so much better with these new, vibrant textures.


One question for the devs. Will we be able to see the buildings through the terrain like how you could with normal airports


Bring this one in the Q and A blog post.

Im not so sure, but im assuming not though


Looks great - it’s crazy what a little exterior touch up will do for an old model. I’m not sure if it will make me fly some of these older models more frequently, since you do miss the features found on the newer aircraft releases, but who knows? Either way encountering the new aircraft textures at airports in multiplayer will be great.

Also I notice this wasn’t set to close at a given time. Hmm.

Might be another teaser for the FnF stream like normal. Jason did say he took 2 different pictures of PHNL but the only shared one

I actually flew on an emirates a340-500. Wasn’t into aviation at the time but I was in business class and remember looking outside and seeing 4 engines identical to a a340-500/600 (oh and the old cabin that gave it away)

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This will make everything way more realistic, no more cargo planes parking at the passenger gates, vice versa, well the casual server will probally ignore the buildings anymore just plow straight thru them.

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Buildings won’t stop this from happening…

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KLAX confirmed! 😍

In-N-Out Burger

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 4.17.10 PM


I sware i was first darn

GG @Z-Tube I gues you were first :(

YESSSSSSS KLAX is stunning


LAX, lets gooooooo

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Wow you guys are fast


What’s that building in the background? 👀 🍔

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KLAX Confirmed!