Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

they will add those in the future for now its only the 757-200

Guys I reposted the livery so please vote

Would have loved the A380 but this will still be amazing! Thanks guys


I wonder if we will get both cockpits?
old-gen steam and CRT, and the newer flat panel 777 style displays.

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You have my vote

Anyone else wanna see National Airlines 757??

And so do you

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Yep you do

Alright, now its plane ridiculous. Every topic on the forum right now is about the 757. Jesus, it took me like two minutes of scrolling to find a non-757 related topic.

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I mean… people are excited to finally get something that isn’t a long hauler? I cant blame them!


Wow you guys totally followed the voting poll and another Boeing aircraft releases.

That’s the way it rolls

I do hope it comes with the actual sounds rather than the b777 sounds! ;)



Can’t wait for 757

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Seems like they’ve been working on this for a while. Anyone else think they were working on an aircraft secretly? Looks cool!

They said that this was a 2020 update but I hope that they don’t rush it. I hope it has real sounds, lights, cabins, and engines. :)


We sure have been! It’s been in the works for many months already


Will the update only include the 757 rework? @MishaCamp