Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

It’s actually possible to do that irl, just not very usual. So technically it isn’t wrong. ;)

I’m talking about his second point that the live instruments are not designed accurately. Fwiw, the issue of instruments being in the wrong position for the FO side has been reported internally.

Oh I’m sorry. But yes that is an issue! Apologies!

There is reasons for Cameron has explained before with past updates with the Live cockpits of different aircraft, it is to do with the coding in which it slows the gameplay for the simulation to render two different sections where as it takes less effort on devices and the Sim to just have the one which is done on both sides. This helps keeps gameplay smooth for you while still having the live cockpit being shown and usable.

That look new for me, I only found old version full glass cockpit in Google search (thanks for info). For wrong position, I hope they fix PFD position on copilot before final release

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You can’t always be 100% accurate. Remember this is a MOBILE FLIGHT SIM, the devs are working hard. Be appreciative about the fact that the flying brick is actually getting a rework.


Looks like the PFD coming with 757 it is the same as the 787. I hope and we can get a cockpit rework like the a320/737 family

Is this link not working for anyone else?

It doesn’t work for me, either. Click on the link below and scroll down to “757 Engine Sounds” for all the info you need.

When the vote results are out and everyone’s completely forgotten about the teaser this morning and the fact we’ll have the 757 soon haha


Excited for TUI livery and hopefully the RB211 engine sounds. Also, i’m hopeing for jet 2 757-200 livery also!

Honestly, I’m so excited for this. One of the 2 aircraft I’ve been waiting for to be reworked.


This is so amazing that it entered its beta testing stage cannot wait for the open Beta if we get one which we are most likely to get it

We still don’t know if we will receive the lovely open beta. That decision is up to Misha’s Unicorn 🦄

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Wilco best bro


Ah yes new picture 🍪


Looking very nice!

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