Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

We don’t know that for sure only devs know

May I ask where you got that information? Cause the devs always keeps their word and promises

Fixed Drone Camera: Am I a joke to you?


Sticking up for it you’re amazing well done

What makes you so sure about this?

Let’s not make such bold statements unless we have confirmed proof, please.

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That wing view tho… Sweet!


By looking at this

source Infinite flight


Heck ya You can’t go wrong bro it looks fire this is a aircraft that I am looking forwards to and will be using a lot for sure

Am I the only one who thinks P&W are better than RR?
I’m going to get hate for that 😂


Your not alone brother 😂

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No your not the only one but I do think that they are both the best but one has to better then the other but I like both as equally

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@Capt.Kyle okay good. It just looks more powerful and better

@infinite7779x ok at least you don’t like RR over the P&W 😂

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They are both the best but P&W for the win sorry RR

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RR ftw for me


Reason for tracking thread closing
lol jk

The point guys that both engine makers are both the same and should receive the same amount of love from us am I right Thunderbolt

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Actually i liked both when its heard inside but when its outside definitely RR for the win


It makes sense for the 757 to use a soundpack for the RB211, given that somewhere around 55% of 757’s delivered used that engine.

The 767 can keep the current sounds, given that they are actually from a 767 and that only 2 airlines operated the RB211 on that aircraft, and both already airlines have retired their 767s. They’re not the best, but it works fine for the time being.

777 sounds should be applied to the A350, A380, 787, 747-8i, and A340-600 unless or until the team decides to introduce new sound packs for these aircraft, although the 777 GE90 pack really is more than good enough. It’s not perfect, but it should be installed as a placeholder until they get their own unique sounds.

The 747-400 and -200, even when reworked, should receive either new sounds or keep the current sounds because an astounding majority of 747 sales were for the PW and GE variants, with RR being a very distant 3rd. The current sounds are from a GE/PW 767, so they work for the time being, although a new pack would be nice.

Really though, what happens with the 747 will (or at least should) be dictated by what they do with the A330. The RR Trent 700 was the winner with this aircraft, but there was a more even mix compared to the 747. Furthermore, the Trent 700 sounds more similar to the CF6 and PW4000, vs the RB211. A Trent 700 soundpack could be ported to the A330 and the 747, The opposite can be true, reworked 747 GE/PW sounds can also be ported over to a reworked A330, which would also work very well. Such a sound pack could (and really should) be ported to a reworked 767.

Just some pontifications, if you managed to read to the end, congrats.


Until new information comes up!

So, do I open this or not…muahaha. The power!