Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

The A-10 was always free, the 787 was in such a bad shape before the rework that it didn’t make sense to keep it free.

Let’s get back on topic now :)

I think roughly November/December last year (2019).

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I know, a little bit off topic but still related (tiny)

If it’s been in development since April shouldn’t the model be at a more advanced stage than this? It doesn’t look like something that will be out in the next 6 weeks…

They could just be showing what they want to show. Plus they said it is much farther along then what’s shown

The 757 IS a paid aircraft

Again they are hilariously fast. Also nice job devs.

What is your point?

How come no people comment here but the 20.2 one was a madhouse 😂

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It looks like people are less excited for 20.3 for some reason

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Probably why it doesn’t close right away 😂

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I’m super excited for the 757
No one appreciates it and it doesn’t make sense. They don’t understand how many more capabilities it has than the dreaded A321neo or XLR or whatever they’re making now idk


Coming late to the discussion and literally not having pro

The first time i flew a 757 was last year when i went to hawaii, it was a great flight and it was memorable, it’s the experiences of this aircraft that brings up some sort of love, it’s a great airplane with capabilities, especially from when it was first launched!

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Personally, I am not quite as excited for 20.3 because I feel like the devs are missing an opportunity by not adding the 757-200F variant.

Considering 90% of the 752s operating today are freighters, I feel that it would be awesome to add a separate aircraft. I understand that the devs have limited capabilities when it comes to reworking aircraft, and I’m sure the rework is gonna be awesome, but I would be more hyped if the freighter was going to be added. 🤷‍♂️ Please don’t roast me, just my two cents :)


I hope it’s the original 757/767 it was rolled out with. The original glass cockpits looked and look the best and better than the


I first flew in the 757 in 2001 with American Trans Air. 😅

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I feel the same way. I’m the kind of guy that likes realism (operating current routes), and so that means I can only fly the Delta 752. I was really looking forward to liveries like UPS and FedEx.

I would rather wait another month or two to get the -F version as well 🤷‍♂️


Delta 752? What about United or other Current operators

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United retired theirs…