Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

One of the best looking 757 liveries, to be honest.


Can you guys please add WestJet livery!! I know they don’t have them anymore tho lol.

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Yes I know, but sometimes if you yell loud enough and long enough, you get satisfied.😂🤪

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I am happy to say that this post is no longer true 😂

Many will say: Finally!!!


Are private liveries allowed to be added?

Trump Airlines livery???

Read this reply


This would be sooooo beautiful! Wow

I don’t think they would add any livery that involves political stuff

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@MishaCamp Will this be last update of year or first quarter 2021?

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Laura is flying an unknown aircraft right now! Maybe a 752, maybe a surprise. Who knows 🤷‍♂️


Is it really true that we will get this update before the year 2021 or is it just a prediction for when it will be released?

They actually started work in April 2020 so there’s a possibility it will come at the end of December of this year

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I hope EVERY American Trans Air livery is adder. 😍

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Will we get the 757-300 and the 757F at a later date?

Anything is possible I guess, but it isn’t confirmed.

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I just want to know what’s going to happen with the engines. American for instance has the Rolls Royce Engines, EW. And Delta has the P&W engines (Beautiful). Are they going to take this into account when doing the liveries? And if they do, will they account for the different sounds? They sound similar when started up but during spool up they are very different. If they don’t, which engine will they model the sound after?

According to this post by Tyler, you will be answered: