Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

Since it’s open,is autobrake confirmed ? At the request topic it says complete…

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Yeah the a350 gear tilt was very accurate and amazing but tn the 777 gear tilt dosn’t really ”flop” and it’s more like an a330 gear tilt, so whatever you did on the a350 I would use that but for a 757. 🤷‍♂️ (with the 757s physics).
Just a suggestion 😉

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Same here, glass looks cool but a 757 with the gauges cockpit looks more iconic.

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Link to that topic?

To answer your question, no. This has not been confirmed for 20.3 at this time.

Nevermind, it was unlisted with this reply:
Screenshot 2020-11-10 at 17.28.57

Yes, I am creating a new topic.


Ah, why is that?

Yep not confirmed i just asked according to this

Because I’m currently creating mockups and making a much more detailed topic. The old one was simplistic and inactive.


Does autobrake mean the plane stops automatically? I’m not really familiar with what it is.


Clever that there isn’t an angle of the main displays 😂 Guess the developers are keeping the layout of those (analog v digital) under wraps for now! Either way I’d be happy — sounds like great progress is being made!


I want to ask why the “livery list” topic name was so misleading…🤔🤔


It was probably delibrate…

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Beautiful cockpit!

Praying we get the old cockpit With that overhead panel 😍

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is it gonna be the new glass displays? despite everyone thinking that it should be classic, I feel like we should get the glass screens because most airlines use that now and its easier to develop

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Sorry for ask but who is Val?

@ValXp is from the IF team