Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

Totally not me

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Bye unfriendo 🥺👋

British Airways modern day livery for the win


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And now you’ve lost @77W

Ok, much better

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We need the OG cockpit!!! It is the only cockpit like it. (Besides the 767)

Yall know what I really hope

That we get all three 🤞🏼🙃✌🏼


I hope the retro liveries have no winglets. I want winglets on certain liveries just not the classics
Either way it’s great to have the 757 be next!


I agree. With liveries (not just old ones) that have traditionally had no winglets, keep it that way. 😁

Hi! Please see the following reply. It is vital when sharing images. Thanks!

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So excited!!
Will the 757 also get engine sounds like the 777?

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Do you remember it by heart or Ctrl+C & V it?? 😂😂

I hope so, the engines sound 🔥

We don’t know an we should let the developers decid if they want to add that because they did say adding engine sounds is pretty hard to do

Nice to The the 757 rework as it’s highly voted. Let’s see if this plane will be equipped with new engines’ sound just like the reworked 777 Series.


This thread will reopen when more information is available. Please note that this is not for feature requests and comments with them will be flagged and deleted.

We can’t wait to share more soon!


Awesome, absolutely amazing!


Man you guys are quick lol, great job dev team with the progress!

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Level of detail on the winglets is just amazing.

Wow! I can’t wait to try it out, the devs are making an amazing work! 🥳✈️