Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

The eventual goal is rework every aircraft with the latest technologies (Live cockpit, wing flex, maybe cabin and doors) and also add other planes

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Thanks for supporting one of my liveries wayyy

I highly appreciate it

if you can please vote for my airline that I want to see I don’t see many china liveries and Asian liveries in the game you can vote but you don’t have to


Done can you do the same

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already did i’m from Colombia

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Mucho gracias

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Well many people want to vote so many 757, might as well vote for this OpenSource Livery Templates so someone would do the liveries

lets take this to privet message because this is not a convo topic ok

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this is what we need. this is what we stand for. lol

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Never though the 757 was this big


Quick question is it possible in IF to search for airports via the IATA code? If not than I would like this feature to get added as well.

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Those livery’s already have a feature request.

Please have a look here.

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Guys for 757-200 does it means that they won’t be updating the freighter version in this update?

Or will it be 757-200 and 757-200F???

That’s correct, this is only the passenger version.

that actually quite sad :(

wait so they getting rid of dhl ups and fedex

That is correct, they will be added again when they add the 757-200F.

We never had that livery. :)

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I wonder if they will have an open beta for this as well