Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

noooooo i really like the freighter versions
would they come int 20.4 or 21.1?

Is there a chance maybe the A330 could be finalised as well given that it’s in pretty good shape already?

I don’t think so. Implementing things such as live cockpit and gear tilt require a lot of re-modeling, which means they need to start from scratch
(correct me if wrong)

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There isn’t nothing official, so we do not known when the freighter version will make its way on IF

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ok i will wait for the staff to respond then thanks!

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In fact, our very own Staff member, Tyler, did mention as you see quoted above, “This (757-200F) may come at a later”, meaning they have no date set for when and if they wish to add the -200F (Freighter) version as of now.

So, we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, and when / if, the Developers decide to add the -200F and also the -300, possibly, they will inform us, but as of now, -200F’s addition to IF is undecided, so it seems. But hopefully, we will see it in the future as I know many, wish to see the Freighter variant, and the Developers are well aware of the importance behind a Cargo aircraft, especially in the time we live in now in regards to Covid-19 and the huge logistics behind it, so only time will tell when we may see the 757-200F in IF.


Ah i didnt see that Thanks for showing it to me.
Btw can i get you personal opinion on this?
like how they annnounced the -LR also coming in 20.2 can the -F and -300 come in 20.3?

My take on why the 757-200F and and -300 isn’t coming to 20.3, would be cause those would be two completely new models, and thus they would have to from ground up, build the models and that would a long time, as we’ve seen when they built the A350 model which took a year at the very least, and much like the 777-family that underwent a real thorough rework that began last year.

I’m not the right person to speak up about why and what the developers have planned, and neither do I wish to guess and speculate but simply said, adding two new models would take more time and effort, and with the holidays (some time off for the Developers) coming soon, and after releasing two huge updates this year, I believe that just reworking he currently existing 757-200 makes more sense so they can take time off from work when Christmas and New Year rolls in and be able to release this reworked aircraft, the 757-200 before the years end as they hope to, without any further delay, thus the name 20.3.

That’s all I can say really, but if you wish to take your question with a Staff, then you can always send them a PM and ask your queries, and I’m sure they’ll be happy to answer as much as they are able to.

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I don’t think so. Mostly it will come in 21.1, like how the 77W and other versions came after the 20.1 update.

ah well it was nice to see your view

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Just a small question… Project Metal/Clouds in 20.3?

99.9999999999% no to both. They are a way off I believe.

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Gear tilt requires a full rework I’m pretty sure.

They are starting from scratch. That’s why they’ve been working on it since april, and that’s why you can see the new 3D model in the sneak peek.

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When a aircraft gets a rework, such as the 172 and 777’s, they remake the aircraft. A full rework is when they basically remake the aircraft from the ground up, whereas a soft rework would be when we got wing flex on the 330.

All of the aircraft other than the A330 that are listed were ground-up builds. In order to provide the best product, they should wipe the board and start clean, rather than spending ages working to perfect the old model.

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Exactly. Those were the first aircraft that came to mind

So happy this aircraft has been selected for a rework (About time 😉), still a very popular aircraft to fly and I can’t WAIT!! Thanks devs for choosing the B757 this time around 👍

Welcome to the community!

Thank you developers for reworking the 757 after you guys reworked 3 planes in 20.2 I’m really grateful
that you keep making the community happy