Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

We don’t know yet. They’ll probably have it out in about 1-2 years is my guess

I would say most people here are of the opinion that historical routes are fine. has user submitted historical routes that sometimes go back pretty far.

yeah but these liveries we should DEF vote on bc they are epic and the Iceland air livery is just so unique and cool not that the united one is not its just the special Iceland air livery will really diversify our selection in special liveries because we usually do some for known major airlines. I think @MishaCamp and the rest of the IF Staff might add it if we get a lot of people to vote.

Special 757 Livery
  • United Special Livery
  • Iceland Air Special Livery

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Hahahahaha… The liveries will be so bad on this one… cool that there is like no airline with this thing in Europe.

Icelandair Aurora is a classic - got my vote!

Nothing against the United designs though :) But in this case a United-Continental livery would be preferable imo since many more routes were/are operated under that livery

Edit: Thought this was the 757 thread - let’s take the conversation there please

Ya please vote for this classic gal Avianca Boeing 757 old livery 90s

Hey, I was wondering if the team could share a bit of info about what went into deciding to rework the B757. I’m not complaining, just wondering what led to the decision since we could’ve also been getting other highly requested aircraft (A330, 220…) and especially after all of 2020 have been Boeing updates. Thanks :)

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I’d just think of 2020 as the year of Boeing :)


What a beautiful bird

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I think since we are doing 757, we should stick with figuring out a special livery for it because I think that is a more realistic goal then asking them to rework a whole other aircraft too. But yeah that in general sounds like a good idea. If you want, I posted a poll above if you want to vote on one of two aircraft liveries.

I think you misread my post. I wasn’t asking for a new aircraft or a livery, but rather for some insight into why the 757 was chosen after we’ve just had two other huge Boeing updates

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FAQ - About B757 VS A333 Reworked

As you may have noticed Infinite Flight has revealed today the next reworked aircraft in the game and by big surprise the B757 has been chosen as the next reworked aircraft to be released in 20.3, here are some questions in addition to the one you may have asked Misha.

A list of questions I may have seen or asked myself

The Boeing 757 have less votes than the A330 why they have been choose ?

I think that if Infinite Flight made the choice to take the B757 it may be for several reasons;

  • Airbus A330-300 have already been reworked

  • Last year we had reworked on the Airbus airplane

  • Probably a year to focus on Boeing (B737 Family and B777 Family)

A 3rd update for 2020 ?

Yes there will be a 3rd and probably last update of 2020 because this one is called 20.3 which means it will be released in 2020.

Are we going to have anything else in 20.3?

I think so, maybe new livery or improvements of some little things, I don’t know but I think it’s not impossible.

List of the livery on the B757


Allegiant Air

American Airlines

American Airlines - 2013

British Airways


Delta Air Lines





Northwest Airlines

Thomas Cook

Thomson Airways



US Air Force

US Airways

United Airlines - Star Alliance

United Continental

I hope this have a bit help you !


It is among the most requested reworks, poor physics, unable to taxi at normal power, lack of liveries, extremely overpowered in the sim, etc


Guys vote so we can get a lot of voters on this. It would be greatly appreciated. Also I think the 757 in the new update is going to be epic to fly. Also hey, IF surprised us in 20.1 with a second rework soooo maybe they will do it again… Gotta stay optimistic.

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Actually, no liveries yet

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Think you also misunderstood my response :)

I’m saying because this year has exclusively focused on Boeing (777 and 737) it makes sense to continue that trend through year end

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and the DHL and UPS will not be in it, so so far it is x-2 liveries, x being the number of liveries that there will be, both currently and (possibly) new

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Sure. I’m kinda new on the ifc though.

Will we be getting a open beta version again before release?

Welcome to the IFC I sent you a dm on the ifc