Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

I don’t know, but I have my hope of for Iceland right now

No, they have already been decided. And @Alexander_Nikitin’s post was in reference to when we edit the tracking thread wiki.


Ohhh, ok 👍

Personally, I’d love to see the Westjet 757 livery but that was only on one leased aircraft for a few years… however, it wouldn’t be too hard to add since most of the livery is white :troll:

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 10.03.15 AM

I know @Ecoops123 would agree with me that we need this ;)


Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well

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You all know what I’m hoping for with these teasers 😉


No bueno sir. The engines change throughout beta for the generic. It’s planned to have RRs and normal winglets for RTM on the generic livery.


hope one of them are the star alliance united airlines or skyteam delta livery

I am certain I am certain I am certain the RNZAF 757 will come! If you are certain enough anything can happen.

This will be great surprise for me once I’m out of school!

Oh I can’t wait any longer misha release then now plssssss also they sim for what the are putting out I feel like the are charging to little for the Quality that we are gettijg. I can’t wait for 20.2

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It’s not misha who is posting them it is 3 different accounts. (instagram - infiniteflightnews, if_wallpapers and flightsimulator_lovers)

We have been told to post at a certain time

Well, the great thing is that you can download 20.2 right now!

20.3 is the one we are waiting for.


This is a legendary post



The WestJet 757 barely had any routes, I wouldn’t turn down another WestJet Livery, but the 767 or 787 would be way more worthwhile 😛


Oooo I’d love to see the 787, the WJA livery on that is hawt

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I think there’s a high chance it’s the flying shamrock ☘️! The wait could be over 😌

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I’d be surprised if one of them was Singapore Airlines. I know the guys over at SVA would be very very surprised. Not to mention that SQ was one of the only operators in the region for many years.

That’s because the META tags in the code for the website

I’m hoping for old Aer Lingus and Icelandair Hekla Aurora livery.