Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

I hope EVERY American Trans Air livery is adder. 😍

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Will we get the 757-300 and the 757F at a later date?

Anything is possible I guess, but it isn’t confirmed.

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I just want to know what’s going to happen with the engines. American for instance has the Rolls Royce Engines, EW. And Delta has the P&W engines (Beautiful). Are they going to take this into account when doing the liveries? And if they do, will they account for the different sounds? They sound similar when started up but during spool up they are very different. If they don’t, which engine will they model the sound after?

According to this post by Tyler, you will be answered:

You would like the ultra-long pencil in IF?

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Only a few airlines have it, so it isn’t worth adding in my opinion.

Wait, 757 rework? what airlines still operate it? because I only know Delta

Oh my yesss my dreams have come true

@FLIGHT2 I know united and condor still operate the -300

I would have to totally agree.
The c-17 should get it the most out of anything. Or another military like KC-135, 707, F-16, F-15, B-52, c130 ( live cockpit for this one), this list can go on.

We haven’t had a military aircraft since 2018, and I don’t really think anyone voted/specifically asked for it…

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I really wished the A380 or a330 where next to be rowrked but it is what it is

Completely surprised by this. In the last 12 months with seen the A350, C172, B777 family with the brand new 737 cockpit and now the the B757-200? I’m completely blown away!


I’m not saying that we should add it like we need two 757’s I was just wondering why we would need the Ultra-Long pencil.

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Immmm soooooo excitedddddddd

My top 5 757 routes that I’m gonna fly right when 20.3 is released

  • Quito to Miami • American
  • Minneapolis to Anchorage • Delta / Northwest
  • Phoenix to Lihue • American
  • Philadelphia to St Thomas • US Airways / American
  • Denver to KONAAAAAAA • United

Edit: actually 6 because
Newark to San Francisco

  1. Newark to Los Angeles
  2. Newark to San Diego
  3. Newark to San Francisco
  4. Newark to Orlando
  5. Newark to Denver

Sensing a common theme here


That you like the west coast?

  1. Edinburgh to Dulles
  2. Dulles to Denver
  3. Lisbon to Dulles
  4. Dulles to San Francisco
  5. Dublin to Dulles

I think there’s a theme here as well… idk for sure tho


Oooh I totally forgot about transatlantic routes 🤦‍♂️

Newark and Dulles have some good ones