Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

Yes please, this livery would be great!

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FedEx… FedEx… FedEx… FedEx…

Hi there I just saw your comment over metal but do you think it will allow for better graphics for the map like more detailed ground and stuff?

So guys, we are not sure if the 757 rework is going to have updated engine sounds. The IF team on instagram did say they will touch on this topic later down the road. However, this reminds me of the amazing engine sounds this plane has and hopefully they will add them to this plane! I’m not here to speculate, however I am here to share with you all my favorite 757 moment IRL. This is the best engine sounds of the 757 I have and I would love if they added this!

Here is my video of a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200 blasting out of Buffalo (KBUF) in September this year. Earbuds for the best experience

I hope you all enjoy this clip!


Boeing 757, we’ve been waiting for this! Please add some Russian liveries, like Azur Air or Royal Flight!

Please read this post for more information on Project Metal 😊


Imagine the condor livery on the reworked 757

When the passenger version is the only one coming and no freighter 🤡🤡🤡

Yay! I wanted the Boeing 757 and it happened! Thanks devs!

The 757F is not coming in this update.

@Q-ENAN Tyler confirmed this earlier

Tyler confirmed this.


One of the best looking 757 liveries, to be honest.


Can you guys please add WestJet livery!! I know they don’t have them anymore tho lol.

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Yes I know, but sometimes if you yell loud enough and long enough, you get satisfied.😂🤪

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I am happy to say that this post is no longer true 😂

Many will say: Finally!!!


Are private liveries allowed to be added?

Trump Airlines livery???

Read this reply


This would be sooooo beautiful! Wow

I don’t think they would add any livery that involves political stuff

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