Official 20.3 Tracking Thread

I mean the United special liveries hit different so. Give it a chance :)

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Yea Boeing 757!

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Don’t worry boys, just a small miscalculation.


Do you have a topic I could vote for

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Woah! Was anyone else thinking the next update would be 21.1? This is cool as!


Delta 757-200 Breast Cancer Awareness Special Livery Here’s mine if you’d like to take a look.

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I had voted for it :)

Hi there will metal allow new graphics for the map and a higher resolution for the ground😯

If you’re into older liveries, you might appreciate this request:

Anyone else wants my vote

Finally!!! The 757 is a huge work horse for FedEx… hint hint…😂

This is a strange choice in my opinion. Hardly anyone flies these anymore, there are hardly any European and basically no asian or asia-pacific routes available, basically limited to mainly American, Delta and United for regional routes.
Surely the A320 or E75 or 737NG would have been more popular? I’m sure everyone would have been more than happy with one variant of these coming for 20.3. It seems like the community opinion isnt considered enough. If we had a vote for the 777, why not do this for every rework moving forward?


I have one of the most unique and amazing

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I have done some research about B757 aircraft especially on cockpit and B757 cockpit today have two version.

Old version is partial analog and partial digital cockpit

Latest version is fully digital cockpit

So the question is which version cockpit developer will create? Maybe 3D developer can answer this question.

3D developers may choose latest coxkpit but if developer decided to make old cockpit (both) version too, developer probably can create B757 as freeware version since developer today only gives analog aircraft aka steam gauge like C172 & XCub analog version.

*I’m not begging for free stuff, just little resource based what I found so far.


Hopefully we get a Cargojet 757F :)


Well rip military except for 🎉 C-32 🎉. Not that I think it really matters but. This is all I hope for, is the beautiful c-32 some BBJ liveries and the FedEx livery even though that’s cargo I would literally do anything.

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I feel that 20.3 will be the best update that we are receiving

Fair play. The 757 has been requested for sometime. For our A380 supporters out there, fingers crossed we’re next 🤞

The freighter variant won’t be coming at this time.

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