Official 20.2 Tracking Thread | Update Released

Not always. He posts them occasionally

NIce but still wanting to see if Eva Air 77W is going to be added

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That fog looks amazing, will be looking forward to doing some good low vis approaches!


I cant wait for the swiss 777! 😁

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Me too! 👍 can’t wait!

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So the British 77W is being added? What is this? Both it and Southern Air 77W and 77F (in that order.) Are in the sim already. Short haul for the 77W This is a topic I made of me flying the BA 77W. Yes I know it is messed up don’t remind me. But how come it is listed as being added when it is already in the sim?

Open beta is delayed by a day again


The 77W got reworked as well as the 77F. Most of the liveries stay during the rework, however it can happen that some liveries get removed and some new ones get added. This post of IF was just a confirmation, that the BA 77W and the Southern Air 77F made into the rework.

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Ok I thought it was weird though. That is all.

I keep forgetting China cargo 77F doesn’t have the new China eastern livery

Not delayed, the estimate for when Phase 2 will begin has just been revised. Estimates are made based on the most current information available.


I hope its Thursday and hopefully it doesn’t get pushed back more 🤞🏻

Super excited about the ANA B77F, but I think we all know which ANA livery we’re really looking for 😏


damn that’s sexier.


We a.ready have BA B77W…

Premiere time! You can chat on the YouTube comment section and we’ll open this up just after the premiere. Thanks all, and enjoy!


Things got spicy now
Well done IF moderators and developers 👏👏


Holy crap, that was EPIC!!!