Official 20.2 Tracking Thread | Update Released

Now that’s a livery I’ve been advocating for to be added in the game for almost 2 years.

Would be awesome to see it, as the 777 is the backbone of the airline’s long haul flights, I wouldn’t be disappointed not seeing it added but, I would definitely be incredibly happy to have the livery at hand as well.

Knowing we got the 777 and the Callsign, all that’s left to the puzzle is the Livery ;)

Either way, it’s great seeing how well the 777-300ER is coming along in the progress. So far loving the -200ER, just a marvel of a aircraft to fly.


I believe staff said no new special liveries will be added. They will simply redo the ones they already have and that’s that (special liveries, i.e. update the all blacks livery to the current one, KLM Orange Pride confirmed, etc.)

I don’t think so, since we already have new liveries on the new Boeing 777-200ER, like Ukrainian International Airlines, and Varig. So, hopefully I would love to see some new liveries on the upcoming Boeing 777-300ER.

But, you might be referring to the staff, mentioning that they won’t add special liveries that look very similar to the original. Such as football club specials, One world liveries, Star Alliance, Event specials etc, since they only take up unnecessary storage space. They would rather focus on more important representative Airlines.

Yea thats what i meant by special liveries. I also would love to see some more liveries on the B77W

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Holy cow! Those look absolutely beautiful!


Something fishy is going on here :P Look at the details of that turbine 👌 absolutely amazing!


Never mind. Engines look awesome though

the new ge90 engine!

That looks great! Developers are quick!

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Wow, that’s incredible. Very excited to see these beautiful engines in game. :)


Wow guys, those really look like the real deal!

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Looks amazing 🤩!


Looks enginey. Nice.

Who needs a partner when you have pictures and teasers like this? 😍

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If you ever have in your DM’s 'Send me another one of those hot GE-90’s then I think you need to see someone else. That thrust only lasts so long before there’s no fuel left in the tanks. ✌

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woah damn! the development is faster than i thought

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Stunning 😍😍

Thats 115,000lbs of Thrust.

I absolutely cannot wait to fly the 777-300ER

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