Official 20.2 Tracking Thread | Update Released

According to the place you can’t use a custom callsign anymore.

Incorrect. The first set of letters/numbers are built-in.

If you’d like to keep the custom callsign you have now, simply don’t change it. Existing callsigns will be grandfathered in for now.


If we can’t use custom callsigns, it will be much harder to tell who is flying for VA’s and who is not.


Well, no, because you’ll have the ability to add a VA into your account.

I hope that there will be a solution for this problem!

For everyone wondering what will happen to VA callsigns I suggest you read this post.

It explains that you will be able to link the VA/VO you fly for through your IFC profile.


You’ll tap on the aircraft to see the VA affiliation that the user has set on the IFC. For now, it’s one extra step. This system will evolve but was necessary.


I didn’t like that, it’s my opinion, when I’m going to fly I always like the company’s ICAO instead of that gigantic name of some companies followed by a number

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Display Names are going away, so I don’t think you can use your VA callsign in your display name.

Well, that sucks 🤷‍♂️


See Jason’s article that @Chris_Wing linked.

Are all the call sign formats the first two letters? Or in places like the UK, where G- is the only set bit, do they just have that letter set?

Please review the article. There is no live view of your VA/VO any longer - it is only available if you click into the person’s profile, not while flying.


So your display name is based of your IFC name?


Hi everyone,

We understand the display name/callsign issue is a hot potato for many. Here are a few things to note based on the comments since this opened back up that I hope will help. There is lots of misinformation going around.

  • Please read this article if you haven’t already. It explains why the changes are coming and how they will work (in this version).
  • This system will evolve over time. It was a necessary change for several reasons and we understand it makes things difficult for some users. We ask for your patience here.
  • Callsign is not the same as “display name”. Please read the article above if you are still not clear on that one.
  • If you do decide to link your IFC account in version 20.2, you can set your VA in your IFC profile which will be updated in the app a few minutes later. While in-flight, other pilots will be able to see that affiliation if they tap on your aircraft.
  • People have asked about military callsigns. We will answer these questions at a later date (as I said, the system is evolving even now).
  • To all VA/VO people who are concerned about this change: you have advocates in the beta team that have raised all of the appropriate questions and have been advocating on your behalf. We’re listening to them, and even if the changes don’t happen exactly the way you like in this update, rest assured that it’s our goal to find the best compromises between enjoyment, functionality, administration, and user experience.

We’re going to leave this closed for now because it’s very likely it will continue to be an airing of grievances that we can’t do much about at the moment. We genuinely appreciate your understanding and patience at this time. Thank you.


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