Official 20.2 Tracking Thread | Update Released

Welcome To The 20.2 Development Thread!

This thread is made for updates regarding the Boeing 777 Rework development and other features making their way to 20.2. Please enjoy this thread and avoid speculation and/or off-topic remarks! This thread is maintained and edited by our TL3 members and moderators.

Boeing 777 Development Progress

Additional fuselage sections started
New gear additions worked on
Fuselage Rendering
Fuselage Interior and KLM Orange Pride livery
New Engines on the B77W
B77W Wing
B77W Engine WIP
B77W Coming Together (Fuselage + Wing)
B77F Development Announced
B77F Cabin WIP
B77F Crew Area
B77W Enters Beta Testing
B77F Cargo Doors

Confirmed Liveries

Confirmed Features for 20.2

Minor A320 Engine Modifications
Grouping SIDs and STARs
Evolution of the Display Name
Locked Free Camera
Smoother Transitions for Low Visibility Areas
Realistic GA Callsigns

Please see this post for more information on the update to GA callsigns.

Works In Progress

Sharing Flight Plans with Foreflight

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the 20.2 Update include <insert random feature here>?

The only information that confirms whether something will or will not be added will be from our social media. Until then, features in the update are unknown

Note: you must be TL2 to post a topic in the #features category

Can we see the new features in the simulator yet (including liveries, aircraft models, etc)?


Will the other 777 models ever be released?


This model/feature doesn’t look right. Can you fix it?

Yes we shall if we can

Why haven’t we seen a teaser from Infinite Flight in a while regarding the 20.2 Update?

All in good time

Why is this topic closed?

This topic is opened when new information is available. It is then closed sometime after to ensure that conversation is relevant and targeted.

Why did my reply get deleted?

While community engagement is always encouraged, your post may have been deleted because it was flagged or it was removed directly by our Moderation Team for being off-topic, misleading, silly, unnecessary, or just plain rude. Make sure to read our Community Guidelines before posting and always ensure that your post can contribute to the active on-topic discussion of the upcoming 20.2 update!


The official previews will be posted on the following social platforms:

image Infinite Flight - Official Website
image Infinite Flight - Community
image Infinite Flight - Facebook
image Infinite Flight - Instagram
image Infinite Flight - Twitter
image Infinite Flight - YouTube


Oh wow… this is cool. Nice work, Misha!


1st reply lets go ah second nice Misha


Looks like we finally got an official tracking thread. Looking great 👍


hopefully new features could be better for our time


Glad to see more awesome work being done! I look forward to the next update!


Wow fast
Can’t wait


Oh wow! This is getting me really excited for this update!


Very nice 🙌🙌 Already looking forward to the amazing work!


Here we go! I’m excited!


Awesome! this thread is going to be so helpful on getting new info on the update, thank you staff and mods!


Yay! I can’t wait for this one, let’s keep this thread on topic for God’s sake though… 🙄 That drove me mad last time, I just want to know about the update like the rest of you people…


Thanks for this thread, highly awaiting the new update.

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Anyways, looking forward to this!

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I’m excited to see the progress that the devs make over the development process of 20.2


I’m ready for some awesome stuff from this update!

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Here we go! Let’s go!

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Didn’t expect this to come so soon after 20.1 - but a nice surprise.

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Let’s hope it ain’t turning out like the 20.1 thread


I’m just waiting for this to drop so that freight runs on the 777 can become more popular. A route in mind is DWC-CPH-ORD-HNL-SYD-HKG-DWC.

The excitement is building up 😆