[OFFICAL DESIGN RELEASED] Oceania Express Livery for the A350

Yes I am aware that this isn’t a real airline. However, this isn’t the same case as everyone on the IFC wanting their own airline. This kid has made the news recently, but probably feels like there is nothing he can do. So why not help him?

Oh boy…

Let me just quote two comments here and then reply:

This is exactly what is wrong with todays society. We discourage kids to follow their dreams! We tell them that they are to young and to naive. Kids protesting for a change in climate politics? You’re to young! Kids wanting a change in education? You’re to young! Kids fighting against Article 13? You’re to young! Kids wanting to pursue their dream? You’re to young!

This kid has a dream. He has a plan. Of course he’s 10 years old! Of course he’s still a kid. But he’s a kid with a dream. A kid with a plan. And yes, of course this airline ain’t real yet. But if we keep telling kids like him that they are to young this airline will never be real!

I support this feature request and I think it’s a great idea. It’s an opportunity to react differently to a kids dream. It’s an opportunity to show kids that their dreams might become true one day.

Kids are the future of this society! And if we encourage kids to pursue their dreams starting at a young age, who knows what’s possible when they’re older?

He is a kid. He has a dream. And he has every right to work on his dream.


I couldn’t have said it better myself

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We can continue this discussion on dm if you wish. Media attention will evaporate with time and everybody will remember it as a news like another…

Also yeah, try to see the thing from the other side.

Oh and by the way, if the society acts a way, there’s a reason behind that. But you shouldn’t take the words of 2 guys to describe a society. Look, people seem to love the idea.

Again, go dm
We could actually talk about that climate protest 😉

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I meant to say that the request was too early
But yes, we don’t even know if he’s gonna continue with the airline in the future.
I’m not discouraging him to give up on his dream, I just thought:
The airline won’t start anytime soon, so why should the livery be requested at this time when the livery hasn’t been officially designed


I do propose a yearly competition for users to submit liveries and one can win every year. I believe it would bring so much creativity to the IFC and gives people an oppurtunity to let their work shine. I’m crying just thinking about it.

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That is a great idea. I think we should talk to some of the staff about it?

Maybe something is in progress. Don’t loose hope @Narruto_Mieumieu

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The official design has been released…

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Let the kid have his dream come true!

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I am fully for having this livery in infinite flight I want this kid to live up to his dreams and be successful and proud!
BTW that livery is amazing it already scores a spot in my top three for the A350

bumping this

That is cool, but where will the money for an A350 come from?

No where. This is simply another PR stunt. There wont be an oceania express airline.


What makes you so sure?

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The fact that there has not been an more news on the matter.
The fact that qantas announced that their starting their own “Future High Flyers” program for the age ranges of 7 to 12.


You never know. If this is a marketing campaign. It would have had its doors blown off long a go.


It has. There hasnt been any more news coverage on it.

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Anything is possible.