Offical atc testing

***** Attention all users *****

This message is regarding information for ATC applications and will also be posted in the Infinite Flight Fan Group.

Hello fellow pilots! We have been steadily busy trying to get our new website up and running so we can continue ATC testing for the advanced server. We want to ensure you that we will let you know when the test is done by posting it here on IFFG, and on the Infinite Flight Forum. Please read VERY CAREFULLY before asking questions.

In the meantime, here is some things to keep in mind before you want to apply for ATC:

  • As of right now, we only want SERIOUS inquires. We want everyone to have fun while doing this but who also know how to be mature and respectful towards others. Please do not apply for ATC if you know you are not ready. As you are tested by other controllers on their free time, it’s makes everyone’s life easier if you know your stuff.

  • There will be a theory test you have to complete. It will be online and it will consist of ten general knowledge air traffic control questions that every controller should know.

  • Know how to give pattern instructions (I.E. Left base, right base, downwind, upwind), how to sequence aircraft properly, and knowing the proper use of commands.

  • Know how to vector an aircraft efficiently on approach and give the proper vectors.( I.E. Proper heading, altitude speed, and spacing.)

Nonetheless, we always encourage you to keep practicing and better yourself for ATC! Please also know that as of right now, the ONLY people who will give you your theory test is:

  • Tyler Shelton

  • Dylan Oakes

  • Axel Beder

  • Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky

  • John Preston

-Zach Hazen

Anyone else besides the listed above who says anything about ATC recruitment for IF, will be considered unofficial and ignored. Please feel free to ask questions!

Happy flying!

//IFFG ATC Recruitment Team


Where a can do the test I want later to be an ATC
Thank you

My English is not so good becuse I come from the Neterlands

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by @Zach_Hazen