Offical Aircraft Checklists

Hey IFC,
I was wondering if anyone had an official aircraft checklist (by an airline or the manufacturer) for any Airbus, Boeing, Embraer or any other major aircraft.
If you can send me a photo or provide a link that would be great.

I use this app:

Works pretty well with all aircraft! Plus, the developer of this app updates it very often, and even suggests aircraft to use for the current IFATC schedule!


No sorry, I am specifically wanting one from an a real life airline or manufacturer not for IF (that’ll come later). Something that a real world pilot would use. Although thanks for telling me as I will need to use that when I do the IF checklists for my aviation folder.

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Hey @anon70772274

Do you mean these kind of checklists the link below is from it is a PDF

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YES, that’s exactly what I want! Well that’s the B777-200 down! Thanks!

Here’s the 787-8

Sorry but I’m only accepting checklists from real world airlines, manufacturers or pilots. Unless it is from an offical/reliable source.

I have offical checklist for the Boeing 737NG, 777-200 and A340. Anymore more would be very much appreciated thanks.

Google will help


Trying, there’s so many links and most of them aren’t accurate.

Does anyone have an offical A380 checklist?

All A380 Checklists are done via the ECAM so there’s likely no PDF copy online, however, I did have a book at one stage which had photos of the normal procedure ones. I wrote them down somewhere, I’ll let you know if I find the notebook I put them in. If you’re looking for the book (I got it as a Kobo eBook) it’s called Flying the Airbus A380 by Captain Gib Vogel (or something like that).

However, I would strongly suggest the IF Checklists app linked by @Niccckk, as the developer (@Adrien) bases the checklists in there off real world ones, and he modifies them to suit IF.


Is there a checklist like the one for IF on PC? I don’t have a second device for that

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