Offers, someday?

It is contemplated?
Competition has prices that are half or more. Whether monthly, semi-annually or annually.

I consider that the Infinite Flight is expensive in relation to what it offers, it has quality but that they are somewhat out of date prices that were set when there was no competition.

Do not close the topic to me instantly, let there be some healthy debate.

I believe that the subscription costs are fairly priced in my own personal opinion. There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into this app by the developers, to provide all of us a platform to share our same love and passion of aviation.

For example, streaming scenery for the whole entire globe isn’t cheap and there is a lot of work behind the scenes that goes into creating this amazing product that we have in front of us today and it’s a product that continues to improve, grow and evolve with each and every update.


Adding onto that, you have to think about other costs. Like this very forum. Do you have any idea how much it costs to host a forum on Discourse? It’s quite a lot - especially when you have 40000 people on it. So, it isn’t even just the app itself to cover costs for. They also need to pay staff as well. Infinite Flight’s quality is much better as well than other sims on mobile - in mine, and many others opinions’ as well.


Honestly building a business from the ground up is exceptionally hard financially, especially for a small team. They also need to pay their staff, everything that comes in the simulator, servers, taxes etc…
As such I don’t think the price is too high


Infinite Flight do offers sometimes (either on their subscriptions or for the base simulator). For example, Infinite Flight is $0.99 on the App Store at the moment, when its usual price is $4,99.

They also had an offer (albeit way back) to get 13 months’ subscription for the price of 12 months - giving away a whole month for free.

There may well be offers in the future, but that’s up to the team decide but I wouldn’t hold my breath for it. I personally feel that a $10 a month subscription is very reasonable, considering you could technically use this service 24/7 if you wanted to (hence more resources spent on you individually) without an increase in price.


Really? I didnt even know discourse was payed for.

Edit; to get back on topic i also think that the price is quite reasonable for what you get. The qpps default price and the price of Pro. I got Pro a few days ago for the first time, after playing IF for years and i can say it does not dissapoint. I cant even imagine what level the experience is on once ypu enter expert server

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The only free thing in the world is cheese in a mouse trap ;)

It’s very expensive to host a forum of this size. For obvious reasons, the cost is not revealed, but as I said, it’s very expensive.


Well yeah for this many people its deiginitelly expensive. I even remeber a topic from sime time ago that said that forum use skyrocketed during the last few months so its probably even more expensive now

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In kapitalism (our economy) we pay for the product. For example, we don’t pay more for a worse product that took more time to create. It is hard, but it is the way it is.

I think the price is good, because apparently IF has enough customers paying this price and the devs make enough money. (That’s how economics work). But saying it’s a good price because of the hard work and dedication makes no sense. As if other sims don’t work hard aswell. Everyone works hard for as far as they need to. If another sim wants a cheap sim then they just work less, so they have less costs.


consider that some kind of offer from time to time would not be wrong.
Small, medium and large companies do it.

Application price + 90 euros per year. about 96 euros / year.

MSF Rortos 3.99 a month, 7 euros semi-annually, 30 a year.
Extreme Landing a single payment of 35 euros.

xplane 11 pc, 50 euros forever

Aerofly 2 PC, 60 euros. Forever

Flight gear PC, Free.

Dcs PC, free+addons, forever

MFS 2020, 69, 89, 120 euros. Forever.

I assess whether it is cheap or expensive depending on what it gives and its competition.

I think this is a reasonable way of going about things, but the argument that you bring up has been brought up countless times and has always received the same answers. Perhaps, try to think of Infinite Flight as a more premium product than Rortos or Extreme Landings. Also don’t forget that Infinite Flight offers user-controlled ATC, Global Live Flight, Live and accurate weather as well as countless other things like this very forum.

At the end of the day, if you’re not happy with the product you get from Infinite Flight, you’re more than welcome to switch to the other simulators on mobile if you wish - no one is keeping you here. That being said, what I personally find is that users who say they’ll do this nearly always end up back with Infinite Flight. It’s your call.

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What you said is true but half of the mentioned sims are for pc, MFS20 is going to set a benchmark for years to come for how advanced it is going to be, and Extreme landings and RFS are basically the same game just with a different UI and slightly different planes. You also forget that those two, as all rortos games, unfortunatly have pretty bad flight models, they cant compare to IF. I think the Rortos sims are brutally overpriced for what you get. Also this is not exactly relevant but RFS basically stole the UI design from IF

So im gonna try and figure things out.

Infinite flight is about ÂŁ10 a month.
XP11 on PC ÂŁ50 fixed
So within 5 months XP11 is better value and it actually has a good 737 family aircraft for ÂŁ0. Yes ÂŁ0

XP11 is on PC. You cant compare a mobile sim with a PC one. Also IF has an ok 737. Yes it hasnt been updated in a while but IF also has other families which are in very good state such as the 787 or A350

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But what about the PC you have to buy to get XP11


As a business administration student I may add, that discounts or even an overall lower price are not necessarily good for the business and the revenue of a company. Hence I don’t expect price reductions for now, but you never know!


I would definitely say that the subscription costs are priced fairly. Well, that’s what I think as a personal thought. Many efforts, thinking and hardwork has been put on in the success of this flight simulator and it is a hit. It is a platform built for love in the sector of aviation. If we were to talk about this commercially through business ways then the prices are cheap( it’s just my opinion ).

Tho people find it expensive or not worth the cost. I believe it is truly amazing for me with the price point. App development, graphics, community work can cost pretty large sums of money. So in my perspective I find the subscription prices fairly good.


I certainly don’t think Infinite Flight is cheap. As a monthly cost, it can be a lot of money for some people. But you’re not paying for a cheap simulator with Infinite Flight. I’m of the opinion that you’re paying for a premium product, which is reflected in the cost. You get a lot of nice features with this sim, which have been mentioned above.

Another way to look at it, is how often you will use the simulator. Let’s say you’re getting 10+ hours of enjoyment from the simulator each week. When you think of it that way, it actually seems much more reasonable!

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Depending on specs ÂŁ600 plus