Offensive callsign needs attention

I’m the first to admit I’m not easily offended but when I saw this I was shocked!! This user goes by WTFO- HIJACKED. I’m sorry I just don’t find this funny at all and feel action needs to be taken immediately!! This is an experienced pilot as well. Shud know better. Sure they’re just trying to be cute or whatever but I think that’s crossing the line! Next to a crash a hijacking is the next worse thing that can happen in aviation!! Please mods or whomever can do something about this please do!! Thank you!!

On the training server you can report users. (it takes 3 reports for a ghost). On the expert server that person would definitely be ghosted immediately by a controller.

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Do you not agree this is extremely out of line?? Can’t something be done on here if the proper person sees it?!!

I do agree that it is very offensive. However, I do not believe there is anything that can be done except for what i said before

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Ok roger that! I figured the forum would be a good place to bring this up! Thx

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It doesn’t need attention, it needs less attention. Please avoid using exclamation marks in your title. We do understand your frustration on the training server.


Oh there are things that can be done alright. Callsigns are saved and logged, so if someone feels a little generous then… poof.

Too much exclamation for something that needs less attention like @anon31652286 said

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