Off to the mile high city!

A large number of FedEx B77F along with a few MD11F as we flew out from KAFW all the way to KDEN!
10+ @FedExVirtual pilots stormed into KDEN today 😁
Note: No aircraft was harmed in the making of these images, all of us are professionals 😎

Loading up!

A few minutes to pushback!

Waiting for a few more pilots to join :)

tailshot of the 77F and MD11F! (How many 77F’s can you see here?)

The massive GE90s that help us keep ‘the world on time’

A bit packed but enough space to ease through!

Thanks to the ATC for this shot!

Holding short as @Chris_Perez powers down the runway!

Short finals :)

Thank you for taking time to go through the post 🫡

Expert server


Beautiful photos; might need to join FedEx Virtual…

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I would highly recommend it best VA!


same here!

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Really cool event, lovely photos! :)

Nice photos! I would love to join, but I like the commercial flying a little bit more. I fly Qatar’s A321!

Beautiful shots!!! Thanks for coming to the event!!!