Off to the Big Apple - KCLT to KJFK

Flight Details

Departure Airport: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Arrival Airport: John F. Kennedy International Airport
Flight Time: 1h 40mins
Aircraft: B737-800
Server: Casual Server

Sitting at the gate, preparing for our short haul flight from Charlotte, North Carolina to New York, New York. Flight time is an estimated 1 hour and 30 minutes.

On our way to the runway.

Taking off from runway 18C at Charlotte.

More than halfway done on our climb to 35,000 feet.

Cruising at FL350 on our way to NYC, Snacks and Drinks are being handed out by flight attendants at this moment. The cruise was fairly smooth with light winds and almost no turbulence.

As we descend into New York you can see the Atlantic Ocean on our right.

Almost there…!

And…… touchdown!

Making our last turn of the day into our gate.

And that’s the end of this smooth flight right into the heart of the United States Of America. Join me next time for more adventures to places you might’ve never seen before.


Lovin’ those shots. Makes me want to travel again with more of your shots

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