Off to Singapore from Helsinki in a Beauty!

So yesterday, me and @That_Guy14 flew to Singapore from Helsinki in a The Beautiful Finnair A350-900! Here are pictures from the flight! @That_Guy14 unfortunately got disconnected mid flight :-(


Server: Expert
Aircraft: Finnair A350-900
Flight time: 11:18hrs

I pushback while @That_Guy14 loads cargo and pax

Lining up on Runway 22L while @That_Guy14 holds short!

Rotating out of Helsinki Vantaa Airport

A close up of the A350 while the sun sets!

Quite a Dark photo but you can see St. Petersburg Airport!

Approaching Runway 02L at Singapore Changi!

“The furious A350 then charges towards the camera because of the pilot’s terrible touchdown”

“The furious A350 then Calms down and parks at the gate”

Which photo was your favourite?

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You made it to the end! Have a Chocolate Bar! 🍫

Hope you enjoyed!

Hussain ;)


They are some incredible pictures! I love number 3, just… wow!!!


Thank you so much! And happy cake day! 🥳🍫

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Amazing! Loved the fourth picture after rotation, makes the gear look so beautiful.


These are some amazing shots!

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Amazing shots! Number 3. is so epic!

Thank you so much guys!


Those first few are stunning, well done!

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You are right it is a beauty! Absolutely amazing shots, well done!

Happy Flying :)

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Thank you very much!
@Shane and @Captain_Cign

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this is every landing i make in the md11

Lol but the MD 11 aint easy to land

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Yay! Finnair! Love it great shots! Keep up the good work!

Wow what a coincidence! I just finished the same flight but in return a few hours ago! It took me 10:50. Great shots btw!

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Amazing photos. Very well done

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Ahahah its the HEL-SIN flight.

In case you dont get it its sin and hell


Thanks, Now I wont stop laughing for the next hour😂

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Great photos! Don’t you think we need a Finnair Virtual??

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The coincidence in this comment makes me so happy! I’m the CEO of a future VA, Finnair Virtual!

@That_Guy14 you need to see this

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Sounds like a great flight, I might have to try it sometime!

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