Off to Saint Petersburg, Russia

Washington D.C. to Saint Petersburg, Russia non-stop
KIAD β€”> ULLI, 4330 nm


Nice flight and very nice pictures but this belongs in the #screenshots-and-videos category

Here is a guide for the rules and etc for the #screenshots-and-videos
About the Screenshots and Videos Category - UPDATED

Hey there @Fang_Hong_Chen.

I like the photos and it looks like a super nice flight but one of your photos is breaking the #screenshots-and-videos rules. The rule in question is

The offending picture


If you notice at the bottom that there is a sidebar showing. You can easily get rid of that by cropping the photo. However I already did that so you can just use the cropped photo in its place.

The cropped picture

This is the only picture that does not follow the #screenshots-and-videos rules. If you want to touch up on the rules check out the topic linked below.

This was also linked by @Airnico_9962_on_YT.
I hope to see more good topics from you in the future. I also hope this helps you.

Sorry for late reply, how about now

It’s good.

Buisness government meeting in moscow ahy;) good shots!

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