Off to Lebanon!

Hey guys! For my first S&V Topic, I am gonna share with you all some pictures of one of the most amazing flights I have ever done in IF!

It was during a IFATC day in Paris CDG some weeks ago.The total flight time was 3:42, at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet.

Starting our boarding process in the Busy Paris Charles De Gaulle!

Off to Beirut! Takeoff from rwy 8L, while a AF A318 lands from AMS and a Austrian A321 holds short after arriving from Vienna!

Leaving French aerospace, with amazing views of the Swiss Alps!

Leveled out at FL350! Down there, the beautiful Italy!

After flying over Turkish territory, now flying somewhere over the Mediterrenean Sea

Now over Cyprus, someone doing BEY-CDG at FL360 and me at FL350!

"Flaps 30, Landing Gear Down"

Safely landed at the capital of Lebanon!

Parked at the terminal. One more amazing flight completed!

It is my first time taking this type of screenshots on Infinite Flight, so I would like to know your opinion by answering the poll below!

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Thank you all for your attention! Nice flights =)


Very cool shots @TheGynSpotter!

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Thanks man! Glad you liked it!!

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Great shots

Iā€™m pretty sure you meant flaps 30 here tho

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You are right! My mistake! Thanks correcting me!

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Very well done!

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Thanks! =)

Stunning pics !

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Lebanon is amazing, just like the AF 772ā€¦ beautiful!

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