Off to Japan!

Heading to Osaka Kansai from Seoul on the mighty FedEx Boeing 777F! Thanks to @FedExVirtual for hosting this event! two amazing airports to fly to/from!

The last few packages getting loaded!

Commencing pushback!

Waiting for the might GE90’s to warm up!

Taxiing out to 15L as company aircraft departs!

admiring the engines and the B77F while holding short :)

Climbin outta RKSI!

Final turn as we prepare to land at RJBB!

Company aircraft following behind!

Short finals!

And parked!

Server: Expert
FT: 1h15m


Definitely my favorite!


The one with the FedEx plane is my favorite!


Do a flight 80

Mine too :)

ah yes all 10, thank you 🤣

*visible confusion

I departed Incheon on the 12th and hardly saw a FedEx plane, not sure why lol

Different time i guess? we departed 9:30pm IST.

Talking about real life actually

oh lol🤣 i have no clue about that😅

Great angles! My opinion: Too much 777s.
Fedex fly more MD-11s lol

Wilco 🫡
*I love the GE90’s way to much sorry 🤣

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